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Joy Electric Scooter, Motorcycle Subsidy For Students From Class 9

Joy Electric Motorcycle - Monster
Joy Electric Motorcycle – Monster

Joy e-bike approved for subsidy programme 2021-22 by Gujarat Energy Development Agency

For EV sales to improve, state government’s are now announcing individual subsidies. Following a revision to FAME II policy, states have been quick to announce wide ranging benefits. Especially, electric vehicle purchases are concerned.

The latest to announce such a scheme is Gujarat. The move is expected to help in increasing EV sales in the state as well as further boost interest in EVs among other states. Joy e-bike announced its approval for subsidy program 2021-22 by Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA).

Students from class IX to those in colleges can avail of a 12k subsidy on ex-sh price of four Joy-bike electric two-wheelers in Gujarat. The four models to benefits are Joy e-bike Gen Next (Electric scooter), Wolf (Electric scooter), Glob (Electric scooter) and Monster (Electric Motorcycle). The subsidy is applicable on 10,000 electric two-wheeler purchases.

Electrification of commute

Under the State Government’s EV policy outline, a subsidy has also been announced on the purchase of all-electric rickshaws. Individuals and institutions can avail of scheme benefits of subsidy upto Rs 48,000 on 5,000 e-rickshaws.

Joy Electric Motorcycle - Wolf
Joy Electric Motorcycle – Wolf

Electric vehicles are viewed as a major solution towards achieving sustainable development goals. They reduce air pollution, fossil fuel dependency, energy wastage and greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, this technology is expected to develop into a key solution for mitigating climate change.

However, development of the electric vehicle industry under FAME I policy has been slow. Achieving these sustainable goals are not something that will come to fruition overnight. The work done today will help shape the future of India’s expected rapid adaption of EVs.

For now, a major gripe is the lack of EV charging stations and charging infrastructure present across the country. Recent announcements point to supporting the setting up of electric charging points. However, for now these commitments alone don’t go far enough to ensure that electrification of transportation becomes a reality in India.

Joy Electric Motorcycle - Gen Next
Joy Electric Motorcycle – Gen Next

Government incentives for EVs

In India, two-wheelers have been considered an economical mode of transport. And as a solution for medium distance commuting. Now, among other things, the aim is to address the rate of air pollution. Governments recognise that different cities having different levels of pollution.

And require manufacturers to get onboard with low-pollution commute solutions. This need led the government to impose strict deadlines for manufacturers to comply with BSVI norms that were mandated since last year. And now, the stage is being set for future transitions that’ll see electric vehicles begin to play a bigger role in the times to come.

Joy Electric Motorcycle - Glob
Joy Electric Motorcycle – Glob

Sheetal Bhalerao, Chief Operating Officer – WardWizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd, said “These initiatives and incentives by the government will boost the demand for electric two-wheelers. Such steps encourage us to create a strong portfolio of electric two-wheelers.”

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