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MG Motor India and JSW Steel: A High-Stakes Deal with a Vision for Sustainable Wheels

JSW Steel Investment: Fueling MG Motor India’s SUV and EV Growth in the Indian Automobile Market?

New MG Comet at the company manufacturing plant in Halol, Gujarat
New MG Comet at the company manufacturing plant in Halol, Gujarat

Update – April 26, 2023, 10:45 am: “With regard to the query on ‘JSW in talks to pick up stakes in MG, BYD India’, we confirm that no such proposal as referred to in the news article has been placed for discussion of the Board or any of its Committees,” said JSW in a press statement.

MG Motor India’s success in the Indian automobile market has been nothing short of remarkable. Since its inception in 2017, the company has taken the market by storm with its SUVs and crossovers, which have been well-received by Indian consumers.

Meaning great sales from MG Motors India. The company’s advanced design studios in London and Shanghai have played a crucial role in its business capabilities, but a significant roadblock has impeded its expansion plans.

The bureaucratic bottleneck that MG Motor India has been facing in obtaining government approval for foreign direct investment (FDI) has been a protracted delay. And this has been ongoing since 2020.

MG Motor India and JSW Steel: The Potential Investment Deal

External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs) from its parent company SAIC have sustained its operations, but these loans are not a long-term solution. The company has been exploring alternative funding options, including a potential investment from JSW Group, a leading steel manufacturer.

This for a potential investment of 15-20% stake dilution at a valuation of $2 billion to $2.5 billion. If this deal is finalized, it may result in a significant fund infusion of INR 2,000 to INR 3,000 crore into MG Motor India. If all goes well, the deal is likely to be signed within 1-2 months.

Breaking the Mold: MG Motor India’s Bold Move into the EV Segment

Despite the delays, MG Motor India is strong on expansion plans. Since the start, the manufacturer has been focused on a new growth segment in the Indian automobile market – electric vehicles (EVs). The company began its EV journey in India with the launch of the MG ZS EV in 2020, much before most established players in the country.

The MG ZS EV was a game-changer, and the company has continued to expand its EV offerings in India, with the MG Comet EV launch this week. A small electric car that is set to appeal to a larger group of buyers. The Indian government’s push towards clean energy and reducing carbon emissions has made the EV market a lucrative segment for automobile manufacturers, and MG Motor India’s focus on EVs is well in place.

MG Motor India’s Strategic Focus on EVs in a Growing Market

MG Motor India’s focus on EVs is commendable, given that the segment is still in its infancy in India. However, the company’s foresight and willingness to invest in the future have given it a competitive advantage in the Indian market. As more Indian consumers embrace EVs, MG Motor India is well-positioned to tap into this growing market.


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