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Kawasaki India delivers motorcycles to those who were conned by SNK Palm Beach dealer


The rogue Kawasaki India dealer from Navi Mumbai, who has gone missing after duping about a dozen of his customers, will soon be sent a legal notice by India Kawasaki Motor Pvt. Ltd.

Back in August this year, reports emerged that a few bikers, who had paid advance amount for their superbike purchase at SNK Palm Beach, an authorized Kawasaki India dealer, had not got delivery of their bikes. When checked, about a dozen such bikers were there who in spite of paying in full, for their bikes, had not got delivery of their bike even after six months of waiting.

The situation was such that the bikers were now getting together to file legal case against Kawasaki India and the said dealer. Soon the news spread, and India Kawasaki Motor got involved. After some talks, it was revealed that Satyen Karandikar, the owner of the dealership, will either deliver the bikes, or return the money of customers (with interest) before 31st August.

Kawasaki SNK Palm Beach dealer

Kawasaki SNK Palm Beach dealer

That did not happen. Instead, Satyen went missing and stopped replying to emails and phone calls. Before the affected bikers could comprehend the situation, on 1st Sep, Kawasaki India released official statement that SNK Palm Beach is no longer an authorized dealer. Whatever promises, transactions, liabilities of SNK Palm Beach had made, is not a responsibility of Kawasaki India. This statement shocked the living daylights out of those dozen customers who did not know what to do next.

For this, Kawasaki India received a lot of negative publicity. As they were accused of leaving their customers hapless, for no fault of theirs. But that was not the case. In fact, Kawasaki India was working actively with those dozen bikers and working on a way out of this mess.


Kawasaki India managed to invite all those bikers in Pune, and has delivered the said motorcycles to them, along with paying a compensation to each biker for all the trouble caused. All customers have now withdrawn their complaints.

So what about the rogue dealer, SNK Palm Beach. Kawasaki India has revealed that they will take strict legal action against SNK. Kawasaki also revealed that they are in talks with some enthusiasts for opening a new dealership in Mumbai.


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