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Koenigsegg Gemera is a 4 seater powered by 1,700 HP and 3,500 Nm

0-100 kmph acceleration time of Koenigsegg Gemera is just 1.9 seconds

Koenigsegg Gemera, the world’s first Mega-GT is the manufacturer’s first four-seater. It was unveiled today, along with the Jesko Absolut. Gemera not only seats four adults but it also comes with luggage space, making the drive an experience that can be shared with close ones. The line of thought drifts from what folks are used to associating the idea of Koenigsegg with.

‘Gemera’ is a portmanteau of two Swedish words – “ge” (give) and “mera” (more) “to give more”. In living up to its name, Gemera adds features and functions in what Koenigsegg says is a new category of car. The mega-GT is limited to 300 units. Being a four-seater doesn’t hold it back in anyway, and the company says, ‘Gemera easily outperforms most two-seat megacars, both combustion and electric’.

Koenigsegg Gemera
Koenigsegg Gemera

Koenigsegg Gemera brings together comfort, style, safety and performance, but this time all of this can be shared with family and friends. Gemera goes from 0 to 100 km/h in 1.9 seconds, and to 400 km/h in under 20 seconds. The use of a lightweight 800V battery enables the mega-GT to go full electric for up to 50 kms.

Gemera complements the TFG (Tiny Friendly Giant) engine with three electric motors. The company’s patented single-gear Koenigsegg Direct Drive (KDD) transmission is in use. Total output is a combined 1700 bhp or 1.27 MW of power, and 3,500 Nm of torque. The 2.0L, 3-cylinder engine gets help from three electrical motors – one for each rear wheel, and one on the engine crankshaft for combined output of 800 kW or 1100 bhp. The 2-litre 3-cylinder dry sumped twin-turbo Freevalve TFG engine adds another 450 kW or 600 bhp.

Koenigsegg Gemera
Koenigsegg Gemera

It’s electrification input makes Gemera cleaner than a long-range EV basis next-gen combustion tech designed for next-gen renewable liquid fuels, and the use of small battery plug-in electrification. With the right fuel input, Gemera makes for a CO2 neutral car. Until such 2nd-gen renewable fuel sources are more available and accessible, Gemera can be driven on E85, and normal petrol in the worst case scenario.

Gemera can drive completely silent up to speed of 340 km/h. Wheelbase measures in at 3000 mm. Koenigsegg Gemera is built on a strong carbon fibre monocoque, and features six smart airbags, stability control, TC, ABS and ADAS 2.5. While new, there’s a range of Koenigsegg traits that are easy to identify – wrap-around jet fighter inspired windshield, the hidden A-pillars, short overhangs and large side air intakes. The front design is inspired from the Koenigsegg CC prototype from 1996. The giant full-length Koenigsegg Automated Twisted Synchrohelix Actuation Doors (KATSAD) open wide.

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