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Komaki Electric Scooter For Seniors, Specially Abled Citizens – Sales Cross 1,000

Komaki Electric Scooter XGT X5
Komaki Electric Scooter XGT X5

Komaki XGT X5 sales surpass the 1,000 units sales milestone

Komaki has had a fruitful result in the last two quarters. This has been helped by nationwide expansion with multiple dealerships being introduced in northern and southern states of India. In H1 2021, Komaki reported total sales of 21,000 units. This indicates growth pace of the EV manufacturer.

Komaki XGT X5, designed for elderly and the specially-abled is available with enhanced safety features. This includes mechanical parking. To date, 1000+ units of XGT X5 have been sold. This is testimony to the need for dedicated mobility options for those with specific needs.

Komaki XGT X5 has ride range

Available across all dealerships in India, and also available for booking online, Komaki XGT X5 is available on EMI. Colour choices include red and grey. On a single charge, XGT X5 has ride range of 80-90 kilometres.

It’s compatible with both, VRLA gel batteries and lithium-ion batteries. Standard features include regenerative braking systems for enhanced safety, and a repair switch to fix issues identified during self-diagnosis. This enables rides to safely reach their destination.

Komaki Electric Scooter XGT X5
Komaki Electric Scooter XGT X5

“As a leading Electric Vehicle manufacturer, we feel that it is our responsibility to serve the people of this country without leaving anyone behind. We stand by our vision of creating a clean and green India as we embark upon newer journeys to delight our customers. We believe in investing in the happiness of the people, knowing they will continue to support us wherever we set our foot”, says Gunjan Malhotra, Director, Komaki Electric Vehicle Division.

Expanding dealer network

With the impact of its EV strategy already visible, it’s fair to say the company is leveraging strengths, and yielding good results. Sales from an increasing number of outlets has been a major contributor to overall retail sales visibly improving in recent months.

As growth opened its doors to a new set of customers, it was expected that the dealerships would have to go through considerable growth in skill set along with incremental labuor costs. However, it was found that an increasing number of dealers are entering the foray to enhance the EV dealership network.

The company’s plan for the Indian market is to focus on building more quality automobiles, and increasing the its dealership and service network. No doubt, Komaki will also work on improving software features for better conveniences.

Komaki is not just focusing on developing technologically advanced products but also making them economically viable through an aggressive cost optimization exercise. With the growing adoption of EVs, the manufacturer is turning to its R&D capabilities in motors and power electronics to develop a portfolio of products that is wide ranging and doesn’t leave anyone behind.

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