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KTM India Sales Dec 2022 – Duke, RC, 125, 200, 250, 390 ADV

KTM 390 was the top-selling model for YoY and MoM growth – dominates exports for manufacturer

New KTM RC 390
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KTM India manufactures Duke 125, RC 125, Duke 200, RC 200, Duke 250, ADV 250, Duke 390, RC 390 and ADV 390. These are made at Bajaj Auto plant in Pune, for sales in India as well as exports to over 118 countries. Sales data shows KTM exports for December of 2022 were 6,641 units. This equated to, YoY decline of 12.78 percent.

Top-selling motorcycle for the month was the 390 model, accounting for 54.30 percent of total exports. This was followed by the KTM 200 at 27.21 percent. KTM 125 range accounted for 11.84 percent. The 250 range had the lowest sales, accounting for only 6.66 percent of exports.

KTM India Sales Dec 2022

In terms of MoM growth, KTM 390 exports saw the highest increase at 123.84 percent, with exports rising from 1,611 units in November to 3,606 units in December. On the other hand, the 200 model had the highest MoM decline at 48.82 percent, with exports falling from 3,531 units in November to 1,807 units in December.

Overall, the total exports for November were 6,389 units, showing a MoM growth of 3.94 percent in December 2022. When comparing the YoY growth, 390 had an increase at 6.22 percent. And the KTM 200 model at 46.20 percent. The 125 model had the highest YoY export decline at 61.01 percent, and the 250 had a decline of 54.29 percent. Looking at the data, KTM 390 has consistently been the best-selling motorcycle for KTM, with strong sales and steady growth.

KTM India Sales Dec 2022 - Domestic
KTM India Sales Dec 2022 – Domestic

This has been an effort spanning years. Last week, KTM announced the rollout of its 1 millionth production unit at the Bajaj plant Pune. For December 2022 YoY exports, the 250 has seen a decline in sales and the lowest market share among the export portfolio.

It’s noteworthy that the 200 model has shown a significant increase in sales YoY, but decline in MoM. Overall, the data points to KTM 390 dominating the market for KTM exports. In domestic sales too, the top-selling KTM model KTM 390, At 39.12 percent market share, and a YoY growth of 9.59 percent, sales was reported at 3.9k units.

This model maintains its dominance as the best-selling KTM motorcycle in the domestic market, and in exports. On the other hand, the lowest-selling model is KTM 125 at about 1k units and 10.42 percent market share. YoY decline stood at 65.48 percent. This was the steepest decline for a KTM in domestic sales for Dec 2022.

KTM India Sales Dec 2022 - Exports
KTM India Sales Dec 2022 – Exports

KTM 390 saw an impressive MoM growth of 88.53 percent, with domestic sales increasing from 2,066 in November to 3,601 in December. MoM decline of 38.17 percent for KTM 200, with domestic sales decreasing from 5,824 in November to 1,423 in December. Overall, total sales for KTM motorcycles in December of 2022 was 9,956, at YoY decline of 11.15 percent.

KTM 125 reports steepest YoY decline in domestic sales

It’s worth noting that the YoY decline is primarily due to the decline in sales of KTM 125 which saw a YoY decline of 65.48 percent. In terms of market share, the top three sellers held a combined market share of 89.58 percent, The losing 125 accounted for the remaining 10.42 percent of the market share in December 2022.

KTM India Sales Dec 2022 - Cumulative (Domestic + Exports)
KTM India Sales Dec 2022 – Cumulative (Domestic + Exports)

When analyzing the YoY growth and MoM, it’s important to note that KTM 390 saw the highest YoY growth at 9.59 percent, while KTm 125 reported highest YoY decline at -65.48 percent. In terms of MoM growth, KTM 200 saw the highest increase at 88.53 percent, while KTM 200 saw the highest decline at -38.17 percent. Based on the data, it’s clear that KTM 125 is experiencing the most decline in sales.

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