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KTM RC 390 takes a joy ride inside a canal like a boss – Video

The bike managed to endure the abuse but the after effects are not known.

A bunch of friends somewhere in India were having fun in a canal filled with waist deep running water. For some unfathomable reasons, they thought it’s a good idea to plunge a poor KTM RC 390 into the water and go for a joy ride!

They even thought that it was too cool and decided to document it in a video. We are surprised that the fully faired compact sportsbike managed to breathe even though the cycle parts and the underbelly exhaust were fully immersed in water.

Pressure from the exhaust gases must have been so impressive that it successfully kept water from finding its way into the silencer. The video clearly shows that the motorcycle was idling when it was dipped but still the engine managed to stay awake! The design of the underbelly exhaust and the downtube could have also played a crucial part in keeping the engine from suffocating.

While attempting an underwater ride on a motorcycle in a canal is pure stupidity, this video demonstrates the KTM RC 390’s water wading capabilities. We don’t know the after effects of this stunt but it seems like the RC 390 can hold its breath underwater for a brief period of time. That’s good to know especially when the Indian cities are being flooded all of a sudden due to incessant monsoon downpour.

That said, it still is unwise to perform water wading on your motorcycle.

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