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KTM RC8C Makes Global Debut – Production Limited To 200 Units

This limited edition KTM RC8C comes off as a tempting proposition for corner carving at one’s favourite track

KTM RC8C Gen 2
KTM RC8C Gen 2

KTM is synonymous with offering explosive performance with the least possible amount of weight. It has been that way ever since I could remember the brand. Its ethos holds true in India as well and its explosive 390 platform is a testament to that. Not just that, India was also blessed with 790 Duke as well for a brief period.

The Austrian brand has extensive pedigree in motorsport as well. Recently, KTM even launched MotoGP Edition of its RC series of motorcycles in India. This was a cosmetic change and draws inspiration from KTM’s MotoGP bike. KTM has been making headlines again. This time, not for something that pretends to be a track bike. Instead, it is a track bike. Let’s take a look.

Limited Edition KTM RC8C Revealed

Right off the bat, RC8C is the real deal. It is so track-focused that it is not even road-legal. The Austrian brand seems to have thrown everything at this limited edition KTM RC8C to make it one of the most ferocious animals on the track. An animal so exquisite, KTM has decided to limit its production to just 200 units.

One look at this machine, it is immediately evident that it certainly looks the part. With massive aerodynamic winglets, it looks even meaner. These winglets are designed to enhance the downforce at front, which adds a front-end feel and communication with the rider. A central air intake takes care of engine cooling.

KTM RC8C Gen 2
KTM RC8C Gen 2

This is the second-gen RC8C and KTM has made it lighter and more powerful. With a rise of 7 bhp, RC8C now makes 135 bhp at 11,000 RPM and 98 Nm of torque at 8,250 RPM. This was possible for KTM with a combination of factors. These include Titanium connecting rods, a higher compression ratio, two-ring pistons, an increase in fuel pump pressure and lastly, a physically larger throttle body.

Taming this power is a strong suite of electronic packages in the form of adjustable functions for traction control, engine mapping and engine braking as well. This limited edition KTM RC8C comes with an onboard data logger and lap timer. Handlebar controls are derived from the RC16 MotoGP race bike by KTM. Also on offer is an up-and-down quick shifter.

Specs & Features

Built by Kramer Motorcycles, RC8C gets quickly replaceable body parts that are prone to crash damage. KTM RC8C gets delicious cycle parts in the form of WP Apex Pro front forks and rear mono-shock. Braking is handled by Brembo Stylema calipers and RCS19 Corsa Corta master cylinder along with twin discs at the front.

Pirelli Diablo racing slicks are on offer and along with it, an auxiliary panel oil cooler. When looked at as a whole, this limited edition KTM RC8C comes off as a tempting proposition for corner carving at one’s favourite track. Tying it all together beautifully, we have the fact that this track machine only weighs 142 kg (dry). This last point makes it more of a scalpel while its rivals might feel like an axe.

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