KTM Thane dealership abruptly shutdown due to alleged illegal exporting

It has emerged that some enthusiasts (not the straight forward type) or some sort of dealer, somewhere in Europe, approached KTM Thane to ship bikes to them for a great cut, so that they get to save some money there. And this has been happening, also not in a straight forward route, for quite some time now. The dealer allegedly has been sending bikes to Europe via China to avoid detection and yet he is now caught orange handed.

KTM Duke 200 390 dealership
Not sure where in Europe the bikes were being sent to.

But for instance, KTM Duke 390 in the UK costs £3980, which is approximately equal to Rs. 3,85,816. Ex-showroom price of the same in Mumbai is Rs. 1,87,780, which is less than half of UK price.

This brings us to a question, how much the bikes would’ve costed to take them all the way to China and make a U-turn to Europe, and how much the buyers would actually save to give a cut to the so-much risk taking dealer.

Moreover, shipping the bike from Mumbai to China, say Mawei Port, takes 4,913 nm (nautical miles). At an average speed of 10 knots, it would take over 20 days to reach. After getting checked and sorted to another ship to say, Ardmair in the United Kingdom, that’s another 11,709 nm, which at the same speed would take almost 50 days, more.

Anyways, sniffing such activity, KTM India has terminated their dealership licence.

Did someone really order the bikes from there or did KTM India set up a booby trap to catch hold of such disloyal dealers?

Further, reports claim that the dealer is attempting to sell off the RC8 used as display vehicle, which is not homologated in India.

via Shifting-Gears