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Lada cat, Deadmau5′ Nissan GT-R over Purrari, and MKC faces Cyrus the bull

Unlike the magic bodied cats with smooth moves, here’s some cool cats who’re not quite in sync with magic body control but do share the same curiosity as viewers, and even manage a jiggle, albeit totally at the behest and control of their handlers. The video is credited to University students.

Animals and automakers have long been associated. the latest automaker to leverage the connection is Lincoln Motor Company. The automaker’s collaboration with Matthew McConaughey now takes shape through three ads introduced last week, ‘Intro’, ‘I Just Liked It’ and ‘Bull’. The latter sees the actor in a monologue with a bull he’s encountered along the way while driving a MKC. Whether introspecting, or thinking aloud, the monologue goes as follows, “That’s a big bull … I think that’s old Cyrus.” “1800 pounds and do whatever the heck I want … I can respect that … Take the long way, huh?” He then proceeds to turn around, and drive away letting the bull stand his ground.

And then there’s internet meme cats that get the attention of automakers too. Deadmau5 gave ‘Purrari’ character but Ferari wasn’t too thrilled about the Nyan Cat theme wrap. For whatever reason, the 458 Spider wasn’t the bone of contention up until the time the artist was using it, but an attempt to sell it as is was enough to get a reaction from Ferrari. His update on Twitter hinted at a cease and desist letter, which meant the custom badges, floor mats with Purrari logos, and Nyan Cat wrap had to be taken off.

Nissan didn’t waste time, and helped keeping Nyan Cat’s spirit alive with a new Nissan GTR loan. Yes, this one is wrapped. The artist also uses a McLaren 650S nicknamed meowclaren, which he recently outfitted with a carbon fibre front plate bracket. Another tweet points to him having signed up to be an Uber driver, in his own words, for giggles.

And before we end there’s another cat that we found. This one doesn’t associate with an automaker but by its own accord reveals that it takes about 50 seconds for a sleeping cat to realize a car has been silently started, and is moving before it takes a moment, and casually jumps off.

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