Lamborghini Centenario leaked through patent sketches?

European patent office has recently published a set of patent sketches of what could be the Lamborghini Centenario supercar. The Centenario is a limited run model which commemorates¬†Feruccio Lamborghini’s (the company’s founder) 100th birthday.

It’s reported that that the highly special Lambo which is set to make its first public appearance at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show has already been sold out. The supercar portrayed by these patent sketches appear to be based on the Aventador.

The styling is even more aggressive than the Aventador which itself is a ferocious automobile to begin with. The low slung front fascia gets a wide bumper air intake, sharp triangular LED infused headlamps and a hood with two massive vents and a pronounced centre ridge.

The supercar will be made in limited numbers.

The silhouette has a sharped edged hexagonal shape which prioritizes aerodynamics. The body work is more accentuated that that of the Aventador. The rear fascia is composed of the famous transparent engine cover, slit-like taillights, and super aggressive diffuser with sharp fins and triple centre exhaust tips. The interior is expected to have a purpose built appeal.

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The Lamborghini Centenario would employ a pumped up version of the Aventador LP 750-4’s monstrous 6.5-litre V8. The power output is most likely to be more than 750 PS. We also expect numerous weight saving measures to extract more performance.

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