Lamborghini ready to unveil their new SUV at Geneva Motor Show or Beijing Motor Show

Earlier today, Audi official close to the Lamborghini SUV development, confirmed that a new Lamborghini SUV is scheduled to be unveiled sooner than expected. Lamborghini is getting ready to showcase a number of new models at the Geneva Motor Show. While it is still uncertain as to what these new models might be it is expected that one of them will be the Aventador Roadster and the other was estimated at being a Sesto Elemento sedan or crossover. According to Teamspeed it looks more like a new crossover will be launched by Lamborghini.

Audi official in an interview with Autoweek, said, “I can’t comment in detail but the speculation in the press is largely correct.” Lamborghini will be launching a new SUV based on an Audi Q7 platform which will make an entrance at the Beijing Auto Show in April. It will be called LB 736, though no specifications are out regarding engine details or price, it is estimated that the engine will be a 6.0L V12 or 4.0L V8. A hybrid variant with electric motor adding extra 107 bhp, is also rumored to be in the making

Lamborghini SUV body is built using aluminum and carbon fiber while its weight will be less than 2000 kgs. The LB 736 is expected to enter markets by 2015 but we will just have to wait till it is unveiled either at Geneva Motor Show or Beijing Motor Show, to know further details.

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