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Lioness opens car door to say Hello to occupants – Video

Every now and then, the African safari features on Rushlane. Remember the last time when a tiger fell asleep on the roof of a Mahindra Scorpio? Well this time its a bit more scary.

Tourists have filmed a heart stopping moment when a lioness actually manages to open the door of a car with its teeth at a South African safari park. The video was uploaded over a year ago by girls’ brother Joshua Sutherland, but has gone viral after it was posted to Reddit recently. Kaylene and Cindy Sutherland visiting their parents in a mission in South Africa decided to venture out on a safari. What was supposed to be a day’s outing turned out to be an experience of a lifetime.

Having spotted a pride of lionesses lazing in the morning sun, the sisters decided to stop for a while and photograph the animals when one of the lionesses decided to check out the vehicle. The sisters realized rather too late that it would have been better to ‘let sleeping lionesses lie’. What began as an innocent show of curiosity got out of hand, when a lioness approaches the vehicle and even manages to open the door of the vehicle with her teeth.

The entire sequence of events has been captured on video showing the big cat approach the vehicle, check out its interiors and tackle the door handle. What ensued when the door swung open had the occupants in a moment of frenzy till they managed to bang the door shut. Panic could be heard in the voices of the girls as they spoke to each other while the scene ends with the door being firmly shut and this time ‘locked’ while they drove away from the pride of lionesses.

The video has gone viral and new set of rules should be posted at safari sites to ensure that doors are firmly locked in future as animals get smarter.

Watch the video below –

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