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Lions taking a stroll on Junagadh’s 4 lane main road (Video)

Incessant rains has caused flooding in the natural habitat of Gir Sanctuary. This has resulted in something which has never been witnessed before – a pride of 3 lionesses and their cubs (total 9 lions) venturing 3.5 kms on a 4 lane main road of Junagadh town.

While dogs and cattle straying on the streets of India is a common sight, seeing a pride of lionesses and their cubs in a heavily populated area, inhabited by houses, schools and a hospital was indeed a sight to behold.

Junagadh resident, Mrunal Joshi was surprised to see a pride of three lionesses and cubs venturing on a four lane road in Junagadh at 2.30 am in the morning when he went to relieve himself.

The road is inhabited and falls under Ward No.1 of the Municipal Corporation and it is rather unnatural for wild animals to venture into this sort of area. Joshi was quick to capture a video of the lionesses from his third floor balcony. The lionesses were seen walking along the road outside his house while they returned to the forest area near Datar Road after an hour long walk.

Recent rains in the region which could have caused flooding of their natural habitat could have pushed the wild animals onto the streets. The region is close to the Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary spanning 17,827 hectares with Junagadh located 2 kms from the boundary of the sanctuary. Lions are frequently seen on the road near Bhavnath Taleti (see above video) while this is the first time that they have ventured so close to the city.

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