Luxury car prices in India have doubled in last 10 years

It used to be a fantasy come true for kids those days to see a luxury car pass right before the eyes. Now the footprint of cars that are capable of a lot more than just fulfilling the need to get to point B has increased tremendously, from its density a decade ago.

Luxury cars India
It must be good news for the industry and OEMs to see volumes multiply.
With spiked supply and implementation of local assembly at the least if not local manufacturing, buyers could be appreciated by making luxury cars more accessible in terms of pricing.

But for some reason, as sales grew, luxury car prices in India have been increasing incredibly. This phenomenon is seen only in luxury cars, specifically the three most popular brands in this segment – Mercedes Benz, Audi and BMW.

Meanwhile, cars belonging to lower segments / price ranges, have also been gradually upgrading and demanding higher price for the next version / model. But the ratio is quite reasonable.

Audi BMW Mercedes Benz India luxury car prices 2005 2009Audi BMW Mercedes Benz India luxury car prices 2011 2015Taxes and import costs & duties are the common keywords used to shift blame and save face. Well, those also apply to all other cars which are brought in such route and they have evidently not increased prices close to the ratio of luxury cars’.

Example, one of several: Mercedes Benz C-Class, which was priced between Rs. 24.84 and Rs. 28.65 lakhs (on-road Delhi), now costs between Rs. 46.69 and Rs. 50.17 lakhs. Whereas, Skoda Superb was launched at Rs. 18.80 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) six years ago, now it has increased to just 21.50 lakhs. Both cars are imported via CKD route.

Via – Team-bhp