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Luxury Car Retail Sales Nov 2020 – Mercedes, BMW, Audi, JLR, Volvo

Mercedes India Sales
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Luxury car sales fell by a fourth in November 2020 with top players in the red

While small car sales in the country have been robust in the face of an ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the same isn’t true for luxury cars. Essentially, a market for a chosen few, Luxury car sales were falling even a year earlier. And bouncing up even from low base sales has been a difficult undertaking, leaving all but one player in the segment in the red.

FADA wholesales disclosure

FADA numbers while indicative of market pattern does miss out on total sales data. Sales collated does not account for numbers from Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Lakshadweep & Telangana State as the States/UT’s are not yet on Vahan 4. Vehicle Registration Data was collected on December 6, 2020 from MoRTH, and GoI from 1,265 of 1,472 RTOs in the country.

As per FADA retail sales data, Mercedes-Benz India continues to lead at 40 percent market share. Sales fell 26.66 percent, down to 897 units, down from 1,223 units at volume loss of 326 units.

BMW India remains on 2nd spot with 728 units sold. Sales fell 23.69 percent down from 954 units at volume loss of 226 units. Market share is at just over 30 percent. The gap between both top players appears to be closing. In fact, the real competition appears to be between Mercedes-Benz and BMW India, with other trailing by a large gap.

Luxury Car Retail Sales Nov 2020
Luxury Car Retail Sales Nov 2020 vs Nov 2019 (YoY) vs Oct 2020 (MoM). Source – FADA

VW Audi India had once climbed to the top. But those days seems long behind the manufacturer. Sales decline is marginal at 236 units, down from 260 units at 10 percent market share. JLR sold just under 200 units. Sales fell 37.22 percent, down to 199 units from 317 units for just under 9 percent market share. Volvo remains in trailing position at 169 units sold, down from 196 units at decline of 13.78 percent.

27 units of Porsche were sold. This is a bit lower than the 33 units reported a year earlier. 4 units of Lamborghini were sold as against 1. A single unit of Ferrari and Rolls Royce were sold. Bentley sales were at nought. Total sales is pegged at 2,262 units, down from 2,994 units at 24.45 percent decline. Volume loss is reported at 732 units.

NoLuxury Car Sales IndiaNov-20Nov-19
1Mercedes (-27%)8971223
2BMW (-24%)728954
3Audi (-9%)236260
4JLR (-37%)199317
5Volvo (-14%)169196
6Porsche (-18%)2733
7Lamborghini (+300%)41
8Ferrari (-67%)13
9Rolls Royce (-75%)14
10Bentley (-100%)03
Total (-24%)2,2622994

November 2020 luxury cars MoM sales growth

The silver lining despite an overarching decline is the segment’s MoM sales performance. Some growth was seen at this front. Mercedes’ MoM sales growth is reported at 6.66 percent, up from 841 units. BMW shot up 27.05 percent, up fro 573 units. Audi on the other hand reports sales decline, down from 257 units. JLR gained some ground from 151 units. Volvo MoM too is in the green, up from 137 units.

Porsche had a great showing, up from 19 units at 42.11 percent gain. Lamborghini reported a single unit sold in October 2020. The same as Ferrari and Rolls Royce. Two units of Bentley were sold in Oct ’20. MoM sales gain is reported at 14.07 percent, up from 1,983 units at volume gain of 279 units.

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