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Mahindra collaborates with 139 District Magistrates – To help migrants reach home

Mahindra Group is collaborating with 139 district magistrates in UP, Bihar and Orissa to ensure that stranded migrants reach their towns and villages

Mr. Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra Group, has gone all out to help the Government of ever since the coronavirus pandemic has affected our country. It was in March 2020 that the company had leveraged the Groups production facilities in the making of ventilators, aerosol boxes and face shields for supply to Government hospitals and for use by front line workers.

Mahindra also offered use of Mahindra Holiday resorts across India as temporary care facilities and he also confirmed that project teams of the company would assist the Government and Indian Army in erecting temporary care facilities for COVID-19 patients. The Chairman also announced his decision to donate 100 percent of his salary to the COVID-19 fund while he also encouraged his colleagues to contribute to this fund.

Now with the lockdown being extended and migrant labourers heading towards their villages with much difficulty, Anand Mahindra is ensuring that this journey is made more comfortable. Following the lockdown, these migrant workers were suddenly left stranded without any means of income, food or any assurances whatsoever of them being able to return to their villages.

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It may be remembered that there were some migrants who even took auto rickshaws to their home town out of a desperate attempt to reach their homes, while even some set off on foot. There were also instances wherein 24 migrant labourers lost their lives and 15 persons sustained injuries when a trailer truck carrying them collided with a DCM vehicle. Several migrant labourers also lost their lives when they fell asleep on the rail tracks as they were walking towards their villages.

Mahindra along with the company’s dealer partners has now collaborated with 139 District Magistrates and Government officials in UP, Bihar and Odisha, to help in the return of these migrant workers from different parts of the country and address last mile transportation issues.

The company stated that through its Automotive and Tractor dealer partners they will offer support to migrants returning home and assist in last mile transportation issues. Anand Mahindra, Chairman of the Mahindra Group expressed his appreciation and thanked his dealer partners for assisting in this cause while he also assured that the company would also look at long term initiatives as well but for the time being the immediate issue is being taken care of.

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