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Mahindra e2o short film ‘The Lift’. Ft. Bollywood’s Mishra Ji

Mahindra e2o short film sanjay mishra

What happens when Sanjay Mishra takes a lift in the Mahindra e2o electric car.

The only made-in-India electric car, e2o has not managed to achieve the kind of success Mahindra had hoped. But, that has not deterred Mahindra from promoting this product time and again. In fact, Mahindra e2o is now part of a new campaign which Mahindra calls ‘Driven by Goodness.’

Under this campaign, Mahindra has released a new short film titled – The Lift. Apart from e2o, which is obviously the central character in the film, there is also Sanjay Mishra, well-known and globally acclaimed Bollywood actor; and Naveen Kasturia, who shot to fame post TVF Pitchers.

Mahindra e2o short film featuring Sanjay Mishra

Mahindra e2o short film featuring Sanjay Mishra and Naveen Kasturia

The movie starts with Naveen driving to a party and is getting late. On his way, he is stopped by Sanjay Mishra, who appears to be taking a lift, but is not asking for it. What follows is a series of events which primarily focuses’s on Mahindra’s Driven by Goodness campaign.

You can watch the short film below.

Apart from the short film, based on the same theme, Mahindra has also released short videos showcasing the innovative features of Mahindra e2o like automatic batter charging on the move, review battery charge, precool, etc. You can watch the same in videos below.

Mahindra has also commenced exports of e2o to several countries across the globe. Earlier this year, e2o was launched in the UK, making it the first country in Europe to receive India-made electric car. Mahindra now has plans to launch the e2o in more European markets.

Apart from this, the company also has plans on building infrastructure to support the growth of electric car sales in India. If you want to read more on the e2o, here is our detailed review of Mahindra e2o.


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