Mahindra Mojo first exclusive outlet opens in Bangalore – More coming soon

The first exclusive Mojo outlet has opened in Bangalore.

In an attempt to boost the sales of its flagship product by improving the brand equity, Mahindra Two Wheelers is all set to open exclusive Mojo outlets across the country, first of which has already opened in Bangalore.

The two wheeler maker which is facing stiff competition in the compact sportsbike segment has announced that more such Mojo outlets will be opened across the country in due course. The outlet has been designed to provide “holistic experience to all bike enthusiasts” and to strengthen the brand image.

Images reveal that the new Mahindra Mojo outlets feature a modern design with red being the primary color. Mojo brand name enjoys the pride of place in the outlet’s facade while Mahindra branding is pushed to the corner.

Inside, the showroom will have motorcycles, accessories and merchandise on display. Mahindra is betting big on its Mojo Tribe initiative and significant real estate of the outlet has been dedicated for it. The showroom will have its built-in service facility.

Having an exclusive premium outlet for the flagship model would help the brand strengthen its appeal among target audience. On the other hand, it would be challenging for the dealership to stay afloat with just one moderately selling model.

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Mahindra’s move to establish exclusive Mojo dealerships clearly indicates that the company is working on more derivatives of the motorcycle like an adventure tourer, a more affordable roadster, a scrambler and so on.