Mahindra Reva mulls foray into China with local JV

An electric vehicle maker with global aspirations can’t afford to stay away from China. So, it’s not a surprise that Mahindra Reva which has branded itself as Mahindra Electric is currently looking to foray into China through a partnership with a Chinese OEM.

Talking to Autocar Professional, Arvind Mathew, CEO of Mahindra Reva, revealed that the company will have to move fast with its Chinese operations as the window of incentives in the country is set to close in 2020.

Mahindra e2o 4-door hatchback under development
For China, Mahindra Electric will only act as a powertrain supplier. The car will be developed by a local partner.

As per the requirements in China, Mahindra Electric has to enter into a partnership with a Chinese automaker which has been making cars for over three years. Instead of selling a whole car in China, the Indian automaker will act as a powertrain supplier to its partner and will ensure that the ME badge finds a place on the vehicle.

Being a powertrain supplier would enhance Mahindra’s economies of scale and would offer a better chance at being profitable. The ME powered electric vehicle for the dragon land will have Chinese branding. The company is planning to source components locally (like batteries) to have a cost advantage.

Mahindra e2o review (36) interior
The company is also hoping to use its expertise in telematics to have a competitive edge in China.

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In addition to being a powertrain supplier, Mahindra is also looking forward to extending its expertise in telematics (a lot of vehicle data will be shipped back to servers).

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