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Mahindra Sales Oct 2022 – XUV700, Scorpio, Thar, Bolero

Mahindra has become the No 1 SUV maker of India – Thanks to their new SUVs like XUV700, Scorpio, Thar, etc

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If there’s a company that can claim that it is an SUV maker, it is Mahindra. With more UVs than cars and MPVs in its arsenal, Mahindra is one of the leading SUV makers in the country. With SUVs like Scorpio, XUV700 and Thar, Mahindra has come a long way in providing trendy vehicles and has been a sensation in recent years.

Mahindra sales October 2022 stood at 32,226 vehicles. The Passenger Vehicles segment (which includes UVs, Cars and Vans) sold 32,298 vehicles in the same period. This goes to show the immense popularity that Mahindra’s SUVs garner when compared to KUV100 and Marazzo.

Mahindra Sales October 2022

UVs, which form most of Mahindra’s sales, stood at 32,226 units last month as opposed to 20,034 units sold in the same time period last year. With figures like this, Mahindra has registered a massive 61% YoY growth. YTD growth fares even better which resides at 78% YoY with 1,99,278 units sold YTD in FY23 over 1,12,050 units sold YTD in FY22.

Cars+Vans include e-Verito, KUV100 and Marazzo sales and don’t account for any significant contribution for Mahindra. With 72 units sold last month, sales declined 25% YoY from 96 units sold a year ago. That being said, Cars+Vans sales YTD in FY23 stood at 1,743 units, up from 1,435 units registering a growth of 77%.

Mahindra SUV and Car sales Oct 2022
Mahindra SUV and Car sales Oct 2022

Total domestic PV sales stood at 32,298 units last month, up from 20,130 units sold a year ago. Mahindra registers a commendable 60% YoY growth. YTD sales in FY23 crossed the 2 lakh mark and compared to 1,13,485 units sold a year ago in FY22, Mahindra registered a solid 77% growth.

LCV <2T constitutes 4,562 units, up from 3,175 units that were sold in October 2021. Sales grew by 44% YoY. YTD sales stood at 26,170 units as opposed to 16,270 units sold in FY22 with a 61% growth. LCV 2T-3.5T vehicle sales stood at 15,728 units, up from 11,178 units sold last year and registered a positive growth of 41%. YTD sales in FY23 crossed a lakh mark. With 1,12,988 units sold YTD in FY23, up from just 65,600 units sold a year prior, Mahindra scored a good 72% growth. LCV>3.5T+MHCV numbers accounted for a total of 690 units, down from 724 units sold a year ago and hence registered a mere decline of 5% YoY.

Mahindra Exports Oct 2022

According to Veejay Nakra, President, Automotive Division, M&M Ltd., Our sales volume continued to grow in October on the back of strong festive demand. We sold 32,226 SUVs in October, registering a growth of 61% fueled by robust demand across our portfolio. Our Commercial Vehicles also registered strong growth for the month.

Mahindra sales and exports Oct 2022
Mahindra sales and exports Oct 2022

Mahindra sales October 2022 for 3W (including electric 3Ws) were at a respectable 5,081 units, up from 3,527 units sold in October 2021. With this, Mahindra witnessed a 44% YoY growth. YTD sales for 3W were 30,682 units, up from 14,312 units and more than doubled its sales with 114% growth.

Exports for the month October 2022 were 2,755 units. When compared to 3,174 units sold a year ago, exports declined 13% YoY. YTD sales in FY23 stood at 18,511 units, up from 17,553 units a year before, accounting for just 5% growth.

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