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Mahindra Scorpio or BMW 7 series for Narendra Modi’s motorcade?

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in BMW 2

Mr. Narendra Modi will be sworn in as India’s new Prime Minister on May 26 2014. Now, there is an intriguing question in this regard. What will our new Prime Minister’s choice of wheels be?

Prime minister of india motorcade convoyAs Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi used an entourage of Mahindra Scorpios. On the PM front, Mr. Manmohan Singh and Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee used custom built BMWs to get around. So, the choice is narrowed down to only two vehicles as of now, India’s Mahindra Scorpio and Germany’s BMW 7 series.

Narendra Modi Mahindra Scorpio ConvoyMahindra Group’s chairman Anand Mahindra enunciated his eagerness for building custom Scorpios with all mandated security features for carrying the Prime Minister of India. He considers that the opportunity if presented will bring pride to Mahindra & Mahindra and our nation.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in BMW 2Pawan Goenka, President of Automotive Division of M&M, said the company would like to see Narendra Modi continue using Scorpio. He also said that the company would speak with Special Protection Group (SPG) to understand the security statutes and requirements needed for the Prime Minister’s motorcade.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in BMWWhat do you think will come out of 7, Race Course Road (RCR), Delhi in a few days time? A convoy of made in India Scorpios / XUV500s or international luxury sedans / SUVs?

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Via – Times of India
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  • Cam

    I’m sorry but an entirely retarded question. No doubt it will be the 7 Series BMW. The SPG has full mandate to buy the BEST regardless of what “looks” good for political reasons. The SPG has their job to do and that is to protect the PM, don’t complicate things they are professionals. It wasn’t Vajpyee to Manmohan Singh who asked for BMWs but the SPG who selected this as the best vehicle for them. The idea a Scorpio is able to offer the same levels of protection as a & series Security is frankly absurd and I can’t believe an automotive journalist could actually think otherwise.

    • sagar112

      So you are saying that Mahindra cannot offer the same level of security? then why was Mr Modi using it as a state CM?

    • revoltman

      Scorpio offers the same security + more as it can be repaired easily and has more ground clearance to clear obstacles. If comfort is a matter, Modi can use a Safari !!!

      GO INDIAN !!!

  • revoltman

    Modi must use an INDIAN product.
    We have the full industrial capability to get the job done. No doubts.
    Enough of foreign imports.