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Mahindra Scorpio Modified With 26 Inch Alloys, Tyres – Price Rs 4 Lakhs

Mahindra Scorpio Modified 26 Inch Alloys
Mahindra Scorpio Modified 26 Inch Alloys

To install the new 26-inch alloy wheels, some alterations have been to the dynamics of the Mahindra Scorpio

Some automobile enthusiasts / car owners have a strange fascination for various kinds of alloy wheels. Although not recommended by manufacturers and experts, tyres with oversized alloy rims are a rage among a certain section of buyers.

Punjab is such a place where oversized tyres are very popular among enthusiasts who want their cars and SUVs to stand out on the road among other vehicles on road. A person in Mohali has upgraded his Mahindra Scorpio to massive 26-inch alloy wheels which make them the largest units installed in the SUV ever.

A video of the same has been uploaded on YouTube by a vlogger named Speedy Singh whereas installation of these new wheels have been done by Wheels Hub in Mohali. The wheels looked unusually enormous in size as they simply wouldn’t fit inside those wheel arches of the body-on-frame SUV which looked tiny.

Mahindra Scorpio with 26-inch alloy wheels

As confirmed by the shop, the oversized alloy wheels are only to enhance one’s aesthetic appearance. These oversized alloy wheels lead to a very uncomfortable ride quality since the rubber profile is very thin and any undulations on the surface would be clearly felt to the occupants inside the cabin.

The official tyre size in the wheels is 295/30 R26. The stock Scorpio comes with 16-inch alloy wheels and OEMs advise upgrades of only one or two inches. However, the Scorpio owner has upgraded the SUV’s wheels by 10-inches.

Installation of these alloys was tricky and the shop did face small issues. Hence, certain alterations were made to the dynamics of the SUV. For instance, a lift kit had to be installed which raised the height of the car by two inches. This also resulted in a significant increase in ground clearance. Then alignment of shock absorbers and steering camber also needed adjustment.

Cost of modifications

To further amplify its presence, each wheel has been installed with LED light rings behind the rims. Coming to prices, all four 26-inch unit alloy wheels cost the owner Rs. 2.5 lakh. Cost of a tyre wrapped around each wheel cost Rs 40,000 which turned out to be Rs 1.6 lakh for all four wheels. Other alterations cost between Rs 75,000-90,000. Therefore, the total modification cost is around Rs 4-4.5 lakh.

Expected Repercussions

Such vehicles with oversized wheels have to be driven very carefully as even the slightest of impacts could damage the alloys. Another crucial aspect to ponder upon before installing such aftermarket wheels is legality of such modifications. It is clearly mentioned as per our law that no aftermarket modifications are allowed in India. Such large wheels would surely come to the notice of cops when plying on public roads.

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