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Mahindra Thar Shipped Without Touchscreen – Dealers Cite Supply Constraints

Mahindra Thar at dealer
Mahindra Thar at dealer awaiting delivery

Even as the auto industry has regained lost ground, problems on the supply side continue to be a challenge

While most auto component manufacturers have achieved pre-Covid production levels, there are some that appear to be lagging behind. Due to shortage of vital parts and accessories, some carmakers are unable to meet production and delivery timelines.

Mahindra Thar being shipped without infotainment system

Most recent example is that of Mahindra Thar, which has been reported to being shipped to dealers without the touchscreen infotainment system and music system. The missing units are to be installed at the dealer level.

However, that itself will take time, as the dealers too have to wait to receive the parts. Shortage of touchscreen infotainment systems is probably due to global shortage of microprocessors, an issue that was earlier reported by Mahindra.

Some owners who had booked Thar have said that their car had arrived at the dealer, but without the infotainment system. They added that delivery will be done only after the infotainment system is installed on the SUV.

Mahindra Thar without the touchscreen
Mahindra Thar without the touchscreen

Such issues may further increase waiting period for Thar. Even now, some customers have to wait for their Thar for up to ten months. Thar had received massive bookings and the shortage of parts is creating more challenges for the company.

Semi-conductor shortage

Like Thar, a similar situation was earlier reported at Ford India that has been facing issues due to short supply of semi-conductors. It had even forced the company to briefly halt production at its Chennai plant. It is expected that shortage of semi-conductors will continue till the next quarter.

Semi-conductors are vital parts that are used in various components such as rain sensing wipers, parking sensors, tyre pressure gauges, and touchscreen infotainment system. Carmakers are trying their best to source missing parts from alternative suppliers, so that delays in production and deliveries can be avoided.

Thar Convertible Hard Top

In another update about Thar, the SUV could soon be launched in a removable hardtop version. This model was recently spotted on road tests. While it looks quite the same as the current hard-top variant, it has some unique features such as three-piece roof. The rear screen mounts are also different on this new model.

A convertible hard-top Thar variant will provide more flexibility to users, as they can have the best of in-cabin experience as well as enjoy the open-air whenever needed. A convertible hard-top variant will also be more secure, as compared to the convertible soft-top variant.

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