Mahindra XUV500 and Scorpio 1.99L mHawk variants launched in NCR

Reacting very quickly to the Supreme Court’s ruling which banned sales of diesel vehicles with engine displacement more than 2.0-litre in Delhi, Mahindra has announced the introduction of a new 1.99-litre mHawk diesel engine for the brisk selling XUV500 and Scorpio.

The all-new diesel motor displaces just under 2.0-litre, thereby eluding the supreme court ban on technicality. The UV specialist says that the new engine has been in the making since August 2014 and promises that the motor will offer similar standards of performance as the 2.2-litre variants.

On board the Scorpio, the new motor makes 120 PS while it’s tuned to deliver 140 PS under the XUV500’s hood. In addition to the downsized diesel engine, the company is also working on petrol variants of all of its UVs.

mahindra scorpio at launched
The Scorpio and XUV500 contribute to around 40% of Mahindra’s domestic sales.

The Mahindra XUV500 and Scorpio contribute to nearly 40% of the company’s monthly domestic sales at around 20,000 units, of which around 4% comes from the National Capital Region. The interim ban which is enforced on January 1, 2016 is valid for 90 days. Based on the findings, the SC may decide to make the ban permanent.

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Mahindra’s response to the Delhi diesel ban comes in less than a month, indicating that the new engine was ready and waiting for the appropriate moment. If at all SC extends the ban, we would be witnessing a flurry of new sub-2.0-litre diesel variant launches by several automakers across the spectrum.

Pricing details will be updated as and when we receive them.

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