Mahindra XUV500 SUV draw results announced: Only one question though, M&M why this disguised waiting period

If you were amongst the 25000+ applicants who wanted to get behind the wheel of a M&M XUV500 SUV in their second round of vehicle bookings, the results are now available. As per the scheduled draw, 7,200 applicants have been selected as buyers.

If you still aren’t sure about your application, please go to the website and at the bottom of the page, click on the XUV500 draw results tab. Once there, don’t fret if your name isn’t featured in the applicant’s name list on the first page. It’s rather tiresome to keep clicking next, so, applicants could simply look at the empty serial number search bar atop.

To know your Mahindra XUV500 SUV draw status, enter your Serial Number with all digits as is barring the alphabet ‘M’ that precedes the number. The number is printed on the top left corner of your application form. The list that’s been uploaded on the website is in ascending order of Serial Number on the application forms. It isn’t an indication vehicle delivery preference for winning applicants.

While, this may seem a feasible solution for now so that buyers aren’t made to wait for extended delivery periods, it is in no way justified. In the modern world, buying vehicles should be about walking into a dealership and drive home in your new car. The XUV500 SUV is now in its 5th month of sales, and waiting period issues haven’t yet been dealt with. While Mahindra has announced an increase in production capacity, it does throw open one big question. Did Mahindra not foresee sales volumes? Truth is they did, and had exuded immense confidence in the vehicle on launch date itself. This shifts focus to a more important question. Then why did Mahindra not have a sustainable plan to sustain sales volumes. Quite simply, waiting period for delivery is hype, and is a rather strange method of tabulating vehicle popularity.