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Mahindra XUV700 Catches Fire On Road – Occupants Safe

Mahindra XUV70 catches fire
Mahindra XUV70 catches fire

According to owner Kuldeep Singh, said 6-month-old Mahindra XUV700 diesel vehicle was completely stock and had no modifications

XUV700 is one of the most sought-after mid-size SUVs in the country with more than a year of waiting period. It is a tech-loaded vehicle and has a huge fan following. Kuldeep Singh was a proud owner of his XUV700 until it caught fire while traveling on Jaipur Highway.

Fortunately, no one was injured in this incident and all occupants are safe. As in this case, if you see smoke is present inside a moving car, the immediate priority should be the safety of the occupants. It is essential to pull over to a safe location, evacuate the vehicle, and contact emergency services for assistance.

Mahindra XUV700 Catch Fire On Its Own

Kuldeep’s Mahindra XUV700 caught fire on its own while driving on Jaipur highway. He mentions that his XUV700 did not show any indications of an overheating scenario on the instrument cluster. As far as he knows, smoke entered the cabin and gave occupants a little time to get out of the vehicle before it caught fire.

The owner mentions his diesel XUV700 is completely stock and there were no electrical modifications. In the video he posted on Twitter, headlights of said XUV700 were on along with turn indicators. This indicates that chances of a full-electrical short are less likely.

Currently, no reason has been ascertained, and the owner is waiting for the insurance survey. When the fire starts, the car lights stay on for a while. The owner confirms that his diesel XUV700 is a fairly new car, about six months old. And no modifications were made. Below is the official statement from Mahindra, on the XUV700 fire incident.

The Importance of Reporting Car Fires: Protocols and Authorities to Contact

Engine compartment fires can occur due to various reasons, including fuel leaks, electrical malfunctions, oil leaks, or contact between hot engine components and flammable materials. The exhaust after-treatment system which passes through the engine compartment typically involves components such as catalytic converters or diesel particulate filters, which are designed to reduce emissions and do not inherently cause fires.

To accurately determine the cause of the fire in the engine compartment, a thorough investigation by a qualified professional would be necessary. They would need to examine the specific circumstances, components, and potential sources of ignition to identify the root cause of the fire.

XUV700 owner says there were no modifications done
XUV700 owner says there were no modifications done

Any incident of a car fire raises serious concerns, and it is important to report it to the nearest police station, call the PCR (Police Control Room), and contact the insurance company immediately. Additionally, a technical audit will be conducted to determine the cause of the fire.

Please note that discussing specific incidents or troubleshooting fire-related issues in an engine compartment requires a more detailed assessment by a professional who can physically inspect the vehicle and diagnose the problem accurately.

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