Man stays in Delhi airport for 10 days, after gaining entry with a fake ticket

A major breach in security happened earlier this year at the world-class T3 Terminal of Delhi Airport. Mr Mohammad Abdullah from Hyderabad managed to sneak into the Delhi Indira Gandhi Airport on a fake Etihad ticket for United Arab Emirates.

Even as his fake ticket was noted by the authorities and he was turned away once by the airlines and managed to reenter the airport which he made his home for the next 10 days.

Man stays for 10 days in indian airport

Abdullah, who claimed to be working for a company in Gurugram, was finally noticed by housekeeping staff. The CISF was instantly alerted and Abdullah was handed over to the Delhi Police.

This unfortunate incident, which is a one off incident at any Indian airport was a major breach of security at the busy airport. It brings to mind the Tom Hanks starrer Hollywood movie – The Terminal.

Abdullah checked in on January 11, 2016 with a ticked that Etihad found forged. The matter was reported to CISF and even as they let him off, Abdullah returned to the airport with a new print out of the ticket and managed to gain entry through another gate. He stayed at the airport for the next 10 days without stirring up any suspicion. It was only later that he was noticed by the housekeeping staff.

Man stays for 10 days in indian airport

This time round, he was escorted out by armed guards. He has been arrested by the Delhi Police and booked for trespassing while an FIR has been lodged against him. On interrogation, he stated that he was expecting help from fellow passengers as he needed some money to fly to UAE.

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