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MAN Trucks India and MG Group present Mammoth coach at Busworld 2015

Mammoth is developed and conceptualised by MG Group and is the result of a strategic partnership between Alma Motors and MAN Trucks India. Both companies will closely to ensure optimum delivery on sales and services.

(L-R) Mr. Anil M. Kamat, Executive Director –MG Group; Mr. Didier Ramoudt, President, Busworld International; Honourable Transport Minister Divakar Ravate and Mr. Mohan V. Kamat, Founder and Chairman – MG Group

Built on a MAN chassis, the coach is built to suit Indian roads and needs. The chassis comprises high strength steel to cater to Indian operating conditions, offer increased driving safety, and reduce body movements for ride comfort.

Anil Kamat, Executive Director, MG Group says Mammoth is designed and developed in India and uses global tech. The coach meets evolving customer, passenger and driver needs in India.

The fuel tank in Mammoth is positioned in the centre and mounted on the MAN chassis. Fuel tank positioning improves passenger safety in case of a crash and enhances additional luggage space. The coach addresses uneven load distribution problems by adjusting air pressure in the bellows for uniformity, leading to better handling, road stability and tyre life.

Keeping in mind Indian road conditions, a 2nd Ride Height System has been installed to raise chassis height by 50 mm for increased ground clearance. Alongside regular Cruise Control, Downhill Cruise Control will help maintain constant speed when driving downhill eliminating the need for service breaks or downshifting gears.

Mammoth bus shown at BusWorld 2015

Electronic controlled 6 cylinder MAN diesel engine caters to optimized Power and flat Torque Curve over a wide engine rpm to cruise at higher speeds at lower engine revs. Low noise levels inside the cabin, and wider radial tubeless 295/80R22.5 tyre offers better road stability and fuel efficiency.

Mammoth boasts of an aerodynamic exterior design. A full driver partition gives passengers a private, saloon like experience. Push back seats and cushiony padding along the window rail ensures comfortable armrests. Each seat is equipped with personalized reading lamps, and mobile and USB charging ports. Centre head rack console makes for systematic cool air for all passengers. Pillar less head rack provides easy access to the head luggage compartment.

Mammoth coach is bus code compliant and features on-board a safety instruction card for each passenger. Eight emergency exits include EM-Secure (Emergency Management – Secure) for safe and panic free evacuation. Safety measures include no sharp corners, seat belts for every passenger, and full driver partition as an additional barricade in case of frontal impact.

EM-Secure provides a clear and well-marked emergency exit at the rear. A manually ejected stairway with assist handles makes descending easy as height between the last step and pavement is less than two feet. MAN plans to expand its product range with a 280 HP front engine and rear engine in due time.

Kamat says mammoth is supported by MAN network of 60 Service Centers across India and call centers to assure best after-sales services. To date MAN Trucks India has delivered more than 18,000 CLA range Trucks in the domestic and export market.

Mammoth uses service brakes with ABS, MAN patented Engine Exhaust Valve Brake coupled with Hydrodynamic Retarder and a fully air-suspended rugged and torsionally rigid chassis.

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