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Maruti Engage Name Trademarked – Is It Rebadged Innova Hycross?

Maruti Engage Name Trademarked - New Innova HyCross?
Maruti Engage Name Trademarked – New Innova HyCross?

Rebadged Innova Hycross will be Maruti’s new flagship and the costliest model ever to be sold by the carmaker

As part of Toyota-Suzuki global partnership, multiple rebadged models have been launched in India. It has helped both companies expand their portfolio. Toyota has been able to augment its entry-level line-up with Glanza (rebadged Baleno), whereas Maruti Suzuki is looking to strengthen its presence in premium segment. Towards that end, Maruti will soon launch a rebadged version of the bestselling Toyota Innova Hycross.

While Glanza is manufactured by Maruti and supplied to Toyota, the rebadged version of Innova Hycross will take the opposite route. Toyota already manufactures and supplies Grand Vitara to Maruti. Both Grand Vitara and Toyota HyRyder have emerged as popular options in compact SUV segment. In March, Grand Vitara and HyRyder were positioned at 2nd and 4th place, with sales of 10,045 units and 3,474 units, respectively.

Maruti Suzuki Engage trademarked

Maruti Suzuki has filed an application for registration of ‘Maruti Suzuki Engage’ word mark. This is likely to be used for upcoming rebadged version of Toyota Innova Hycross. Although there are various other names registered by Maruti Suzuki, it is only Engage that seems relevant for an automobile.

However, there is no absolute surety at this point of time, as the Engage word mark is yet to be approved. The application status currently reads ‘Formalities Chk Pass’. If the Engage trademark is objected to or denied, Maruti will have to consider other options for rebadged Innova Hycross.

Maruti Engage Name Trademarked - New Innova HyCross?
Maruti Engage Name Trademarked – New Innova HyCross?

As Maruti rebadged Innova Hycross is expected to be launched in just two months, it is imperative that a name is finalized and registered as soon as possible. A car’s name defines its core character and plays a key role in shaping consumer perceptions. That’s why it’s important to get it right.

In case of Maruti’s rebadged Innova Hycross, the ‘Engage’ name doesn’t necessarily seem to be the most appropriate. Innova Hycross is all about comfort, convenience and poise, whereas Engage seems more like a fast-moving automobile. Engage name seems more relevant for a proper SUV.

Maruti rebadged Innova Hycross to get a new face

To create a unique look, Maruti rebadged Innova Hycross will have a refreshed front fascia. It is expected to get a new set of alloy wheels as well. Most other features will be largely the same as Toyota Innova Hycross. It remains to be seen if Maruti copies the entire line-up or focuses exclusively on hybrid variants of Innova Hycross.

Maruti rebadged Innova Hycross will be manufactured at Toyota’s Bidadi plant in Karnataka. Innova Hycross is already witnessing a massive demand, with waiting period touching 2.5 years in specific cases. To meet increased demand, which will soon include rebadged Innova Hycross as well, Toyota is working to increase production at its existing facility. It will be made possible by starting a third shift. As of end-March 2023, Toyota had pending orders of more than 1.20 lakh units.

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