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Maruti Omni Electric Van Future MPV – Render In New Colours

With a highly modular compact electric architecture, an Omni EV is technically feasible

Maruti Omni Electric Van Future MPV
Maruti Omni Electric Van Future MPV – Render

The paradigm shift towards e-mobility could be a rare but wonderful opportunity for the OEMs to clean their slate and start afresh. This means an ailing automaker could execute a course correction and bounce back.

Iconic automotive nameplates that are long forgotten could be totally reinvented with a modern take. Maybe, and we say only maybe, small cars, sedans and minivans could become cool again by overcoming the contagious crossover fever!

Maruti Omni Electric Van

If at all there is an Indian automotive icon we would love to see in a neo-classic electric avatar, it is the Maruti Omni. Such was the popularity of the versatile and affordable minivan that it enjoyed considerable demand until the very last day. As most of you know, Maruti had to put the Omni down as it was nowhere close to meeting the new mandatory safety regulations.

Now that a highly modular electric platform is pretty much the way the whole automotive world is heading, a Maruti Omni EV based on a future-ready Suzuki compact car architecture is technically feasible. It all depends on whether the company wants to do it or not. Anyway, we thought we would envision a funky Omni EV and leave it out there for you to ogle at (and summon the power of collective desire!).

Maruti Omni Electric Van Future MPV
Maruti Omni Electric Van Future MPV – Render

Our rendering specialist Pratyush Rout started out by retaining everything that made the original Omni an astounding success – compact footprint, boxy shape, and the quintessential sliding rear doors. And as you can see, the Omni’s core design effortlessly adopts modern elements like LED lighting and aero-friendly features such as flush door handles, rear-view cameras and low-drag wheels.

A simple and uncluttered dashboard with a generously proportioned infotainment display would make this hypothetical Maruti Omni EV a compelling urban mobility solution. There is no reason why the original minivan’s 8-seat configuration could not be retained. With a range of around 300 to 400 km, the electric people carrier would be immensely popular in rural and urban markets alike.

Maruti’s EV gameplan

That said, Maruti Suzuki is not in any hurry to kick-start its electric era. Citing lack of infrastructure and support from the government in promoting e-mobility, the automaker has shelved its electric Wagon-R project which is initially touted to be ready for 2020. At least for the next 3-4 years, Maruti is likely to focus on its CNG and hybrid powered lineup, even if its rivals turn their focus towards electric vehicles.

We think even if Maruti forgoes first-mover advantage in the compact electric vehicle market in India, it will still take a monumental effort by the competitors to breach the fort. And in the process of trying, they are likely to make the market conducive, only for Maruti to sweep in and retake control!

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