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Maruti Swift Lxi Modified – Yellow Wrap, White Interiors, Cooling Seats

Base variant of Swift has been modified to have features which even the top variant does not offer

Car modifiers come across as vastly talented people, as they have an acute sense of transforming simple things into something truly extraordinary. We have seen many such customization projects in the past and now there’s yet another that’s getting rave reviews from auto enthusiasts. This project involves the transformation of Maruti Suzuki Swift, one of the most popular entry-level cars in the Indian market.

Maruti Swift Lxi Modified – Range of customizations

In a series of videos, YouTuber Rahul Singh has captured all the customizations carried out on his Swift. It is to be noted here that the Swift in question is the base variant, which is LXi. It is the most affordable and lowest priced Swift money can buy. But thanks to the customizations carried out, this modified Swift has more features than the fully loaded top variant Swift sold by Maruti.

This project has been going on for several weeks now and it is close to completion. Till date, the customizations on the Swift include a full body wrap, trendy tail lights, high-performance brakes, aftermarket height lowering springs, custom tyre stickers, new flooring, aftermarket steering mounted controls, recliner seats, air cabin filter, and OEM power windows. 

Maruti Swift White interiors

Ventilated front seats

In the latest video, Rahul has provided details of his Swift getting ventilated front seats. Swift comes with a range of features, but ventilated seats are not offered with the popular hatch. In the Indian market, ventilated seats are a premium feature, available only in select products.

For this upgrade, the stock seats were fully removed from the car and stripped of their exterior fabric. At the workshop, the seats received additional layers of cushioning and were equipped with the ventilation system. To further enhance comfort, the seats were also equipped with an inbuilt massager.

Another key upgrade was the power adjustable seats, which allows the user to recline the seats by pressing a button located on the side of the seat. The seats were finally wrapped in a luxurious white fabric that has contrasting black piping at the seams.

Ventilated / Cooling Seats

Both front seats also get individual armrests. They are equipped with custom designed headrests as well. As proof that the ventilated seats actually work, the car modifier placed a tissue paper on the seat. This then moved when the seat ventilation system was turned on. For the massager, the effects could not possibly be captured on video. One has to be there inside the car to experience it.

The car modifier said that any car model of any brand can be fitted with cooling seats, also known as ventilated seats. He also said that all modifications and equipment come with a one year warranty. This transformation of Maruti Swift is still underway and expected to be completed soon. The finalized version will soon be showcased on Rahul’s YouTube channel.

Disclaimer – Modification jobs might need to get approved by local RTO. In some cases, the manufacturer / insurance company refuses to entertain warranty / insurance claims because of modification. Before carrying out any modification to your car, consult an expert.

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