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McLaren P1 GTR is a track only answer to LaFerrari FXXK

McLaren P1 GTR is the track-only variant to the P1 hypercar, of which only 375 units were made. To be seen in a new paint of yellow and green, inspired by McLaren F1 GTR chassis No. 06R, P1 GTR is even more exclusive.

Buyers of McLaren P1 GTR will receive simulator training and driver training sessions to feel the power of P1 GTR.

McLaren P1 GTR grows in dimensions as compared to the road going version. It is extended 3 inches wider and 2 inches lower while it sits on 19” wheels with Pirelli tyres. The engine has been tuned for track performance while motorsport centric parts have been added. Side windows have been swapped with polycarbonate while glass roof and engine bay cover are constructed of carbon fiber all of which result in weight reduction of over 100 pounds as compared to the standard P1.

Engine specifications on board the McLaren P1 GTR include a 3.8 liter twin turbo V8 hybrid powertrain optimized for track use. The engine is re-tuned to offer 789 hp and its electric motor now offers 197hp to offer a combined output of 986 hp (or 1000 PS). Due to specific aerodynamic modifications there is a 10 percent increase in downforce at 150 mph while higher rear wing with drag reduction is adjustable from 32 to 0 degrees.

Priced at over $3 million (Rs 18+ crores), the track only McLaren P1 GTR is here to (rival) FXXK Ferrari.

What’s interesting, is that even if you manage to buy one, you will not be given the keys right away. You will first need to undergo what McLaren calls P1 GTR programme. The first step is to get used to the car via simulators. Once that is done, consultants will take care of other details like seat fittings, performance assessment, individual design, livery etc. All this will be done at the McLaren headquarters in the UK.

After this, McLaren will allow the P1 GTR programme participants to test the car on Silverstone circuit, after which they will head to Circuit de Catalunya in Spain for the first official track activity later this year.

Below are a series of images, which compares the F1 GTR with P1 GTR.


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