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Mercedes Baby G-Class In The Making – ICE And EV Versions

Mercedes-Benz Baby G-Class teased
Mercedes-Benz Baby G-Class teased

Reportedly, Mercedes Baby G-Class is likely to have an 800V EV architecture and rival the likes of Jeep Avenger, Mini Aceman and more

Mercedes-Benz has an affordable and compact lineup – A, B, CLA, GLA, GLB Classes. These are all front-engined, FWD (primarily) vehicles built on a common MMA platform serving the brand well. Now, Mercedes-Benz recently showed Concept CLA-Class and at the same event, teased a baby G-Class too. Yes, we’re talking about a proper G offering, but smaller and more economical.

Mercedes G-Class To Shrink In Size

It is highly likely that the Baby G-Class or ‘Little G’ will sit on a bespoke platform and not Merc’s modular MMA platform. Probability of it being a monocoque and a 3-door is evident too. Something in line with Land Rover Defender 90, which is a monocoque 3-door SUV as well.

At 2023 IAA Mobility Munich Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz teased Little G’s silhouette. In terms of design, baby G-Class is reminiscent of the full-fat G-Class. Boxy design, spare wheel on tailgate and other G-Class trademarks like side exhausts are likely too. Depending on market, there will be both BEV and ICE versions of Little G including PHEVs.

Also, 4X4 is likely to be offered as standard. Mercedes-Benz is facelifting G-Class and launching EQG sometime next year. Little G or Baby G-Class could derive design elements from these vehicles for their ICE and BEV versions respectively. However, upcoming smaller G-Class could take its own design journey as well, considering it gets its own platform.

Mercedes-Benz EQG
Mercedes-Benz EQG

Why Baby G-Class Makes Sense?

For a handful of enthusiasts, who can afford a real G-Class, this might be a turn-off as the exclusivity factor is now gone. That said, we think it is a rather brilliant move by Mercedes-Benz going forward in bolstering its SUV portfolio. When the A-Class hit the market, it garnered similar criticism. But now, it is a success story for Mercedes-Benz.

This will likely garner a lot of demand upon launch. G-Class as is, is one of the most desirable, popular and sought-after vehicles in the world. G-Class holds its monetary value better and even appreciated in some cases, rather than depreciating. This speaks nicely about its desirability factor.

EV In The Mix?

Market positioning is supposedly above C-Class, as per Mercedes Chief Designer, Gorden Wagener. Going by its positioning, powertrain options are likely to be a 2.0L diesel engine making 188 bhp and 400 Nm, mated to an 8-speed TC and AWD, or a 1.5L turbo petrol with 201 bhp and 300 Nm, mated to a 9-speed TC and AWD. AMG 35 or even 45 variants with up to 400 bhp of power could be possible in the future too.

The BEV version of Little G might share its powertrains with other EQ Mercs like EQB or EQC. In terms of design, this EV variant will draw similarities with upcoming EQG, an electric offering of full-fat G-Class. Even though Mercedes CEO Ola Kallenius called it Little G, production version may bear a different name. So, Baby G-Class? GLG? ALG? G-Class Mini? Or G Square Root?


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