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Mercedes Benz A and B Class sales cross 2,500 units in India

mercedes benz a class sales

Mercedes Benz is no longer an old man’s car. With cars like A Class, B Class already on offer in India, the Stuttgart based car maker has successfully managed to change their image over the last few years by offering cars which have caught the attention a new era of buyers.

mercedes benz a class salesLaunched in 2013, many expected the A and B Class to not perform well in India, including the former Head of rival company. The reason, why would you buy a hatchback when you can get a sedan or SUV in the same price? Well, it seems like buyers are preferring a small car over the idea of owning a bigger car, if the small car is a Mercedes Benz!

Mercedes Benz India have already sold over 2,500 units of A Class and B Class hatchbacks. This is about 20% of their overall sales since the two cars were launched. Not only Mercedes Benz India managed to register a growth in sales post the launch of A and B Class, they also became the second largest luxury car maker in India from being third largest.

With A Class and B Class, Mercedes Benz India have managed to penetrate the market much better. Their first time buyers have increased and so have the average age of their buyers gone down. 35-40% of the buyers or users of their hatchbacks are below the age of 35 years, while 20% of the buyers are women. They recently celebrated the success of A and B Class in India by launching Limited Edition variants.

mercedes gla 1Aiming to become India’s largest luxury car maker, Mercedes Benz India will soon launch more compact cars in the form of GLA SUV and CLA sedan. The launch of these two cars will be game changing for their success in India.

But with Audi also deciding to launch A3 hatchback and cabriolet in India, and BMW 1 Series already on offer, it will be interesting to see how the three German companies perform in the coming years.

via Economic Times


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