Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi war of the wheels continues through January 2012 global sales

Volkswagen Group luxury car marquee Audi reports 0.8% sales growth that rides on the back of 96,100 vehicles sold in January 2012. Global car sales for the German automaker point upward despite difficult conditions on some auto markets. A major contributor in terms of sales volume is the new A6 that experienced sales growth of 90% over 2011 in the US, and the Audi Q7 luxury SUV with 15% sales growth.

Demand for Audi vehicles in the US auto market is up by 19.7%. 9,354 vehicles were sold here last month as compared to 7,812 vehicles sold in January 2011. C and D segment vehicles did well too.Peter Schwarzenbauer, Audi board member had this to say. “Even though headwinds in some European markets have become significantly stronger recently, all signals point to growth.”

Audi car sales in China are at 22.6%. The new Audi A4 which has long boosted sales volumes for Audi is certainly being missed in Europe where 13% sales decline was reported. Europe Audi sales figures stand at 45,900 units for January 2012.

6.6% global sales growth was reported by the BMW group with a major boost coming from Asia and North America. BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce cumulative sales for January 2012 stand at 112,163 cars as compared to 105,193 vehicles sold in January 2010. Similar to Audi in the US, BMW reported their strongest January sales ever with 5.9% sales growth backed by 96,183 vehicles sold for the month as compared to 90,858 cars sold in January 2011. The new BMW 1 Series sales performed well, and the new BMW 3 Series didn’t falter despite posting 3.3% sales decline at 22,710 units in comparison to 23,475 cars sold for the same period in 2011.

For MINI, sales growth was recorded at 11.6% with 15,768 cars sold. The MINI Countryman records 59% sales growth. Ian Robertson, BMW Sales Chief had this to say. “We expect the positive trend in sales to continue over the coming months.” “In fact, we anticipate even more dynamic growth in the second half of the year in light of the launch of additional new models.”

The new BMW 3-Series is scheduled for a mid-February launch. In the US car market, BMW’s largest single market, 5.8% sales growth was reported with 19,739 vehicles sold. In Asia, 25.6% sales growth is reported with 36,422 vehicles sold. In China alone, 26,505 vehicles were sold in January 2012 tabulated at 30.5% sales growth.

Mercedes-Benz sold 94,526 cars globally and went on to record 5.1% sales growth for 2012 January. In the United States car market, Mercedes Benz recorded 24% sales growth with 20,306 units sold. The C-Class vehicle records 56% sales growth for the month. Their 9th generation E-Class sales stood at 4,097 units, and M-Class sales were pegged at 4,002 units, i.e., 61.1% sales growth.

Mercedes Benz sold 1,327 diesel units in the US auto market, which tabulates to 62.0% sales growth as compared to 819 units sold in January 2011. 7% sales decline is reported for China (incl. Hong Kong) with sales standing at 14,463 units. In Germany, Mercedes sold 12,627 vehicles to record 14% sales growth, and was fuelled largely by the new B-Class. In the Indian auto market too, as is expected, the German triad continues to compete for top spot in selling luxury cars.