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Mercedes-Benz India plant administrative unit’s solar rooftop

The 100 kW solar power rooftop installed on the administrative building will generate 150,000 units of power annually towards conserving energy as part of its environmental sustainability plan. Spread across 12000 sq mt, it helps save about 150,000 Kilo Watts hours annually, the equivalent power required by a small town of 400 households. Grid Tied Electrical Systems connect to the mains to feed surplus capacity back to local mains of the electrical grid for energy generation and synchronization based on Grid Tied Photo Voltaic system.

It can also work with alternative power sources like a diesel generator in reducing generator load. With batteries acting as a buffer, it replenishes energy when consumption is less than generation, and substitutes diesel during grid failures. As a result, energy consumption is reduced during sunny days. Roof Top Solar Plant helps in protecting and preserving resources. Some of its salient benefits are:

Each month a 1 KW PV system prevents 150lbs of coal mining, and keeps 300lbs of CO2 at bay. Water saving works to 105 gallons of water and toxic NO and SO2 are prevented from being released into the environment.

Piyush Arora, Senior Vice President, Operations, Mercedes-Benz India commented “Environmental sustainability is a top priority at Mercedes-Benz India, and our efforts here take into account the entire production process. Our measures focus on efficient energy utilization, climate protection, air pollution control, and the responsible utilization of raw materials and resources. Continuing this environment friendly operation further, I am happy to share that our factory will be partly powered by energy efficient solar panels using the Grid Tie System. This initiative is our own way of contributing to the cause of the environment protection by conserving energy which reduces the carbon footprints subsequently”.