Mercedes Benz Offroad Germany-India 17,000 km road trip organizer, Mr Martin Breuninger talks about driving expeditions (Photos)

After starting from Germany on the 24th of September, 30 member team of the Mercedes Benz Offroad event, in their 15 G-Wagens arrived in India on 9th Nov, via Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Tibet, and Nepal. The 30 participants who had traveled halfway across the world, flew back to Germany on the 10th November from Kolkata, while their G-Wagons will be shipped back to them.

Thanks to Mercedes Benz India, auto journalists in Pune got a chance to interact with the man behind Mercede-Benz Offroad, Mr Martin Breuninger. The first question Mr Martin was asked was how much did it cost each participant to take part in this epic journey, he replied, €12,500 (approx Rs 8.62 lacs) per person.

Mr Martin replied, that this was a special trip and the longest ever road trip organized by Mercedes Benz Offroad. He added that participants in this trip belonged to different age groups as the youngest of them was 18 year old while the oldest member was 81 years old. Mr Martin was accompanied by Mr Charlie Alver, who is the best technician for the G-Wagen, according to Mr Martin.

Mercedes Benz Offroad keeps organizing such trips all year round and they have been doing this for almost 25 years now. They have driven all over the world. Participants are selected on first come first basis. Next Mr Martin and his team has organized a drive event in Arctic. Mercedes Benz Offroad has already selected participants for the first two batches for the Arctic Drive which is scheduled to take place in March 2012.

Participants to Mercedes Benz Offroad Arctic Expedition Drive will not be driving to Arctic but will fly to Arctic where Mercedes Benz cars will be already waiting for them in Arctic. Later under the guidance of experts, participants will be driving Mercedes Benz cars in Arctic. The cost for this trip is €3,000 (approx 2.1 lakhs) per person. A similar drive experience is organized by Mercedes Benz Offroad in the sand dunes near Dubai in the month of September 2012. There is a drive in Spain as well in 2012.

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