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Mercedes Benz S600 Guard with military grade protection, India launch on 21st May

The flagship car from the Mercedes Benz Guard family, S600 Guard will be officially launched in India on 21st May, less than a year after it was officially unveiled. The launch of new Mercedes Benz S600 Guard is part of Mercedes Benz India’s ’15 in 15′ plan, which will see them launch 15 cars in 2015.

The bonnet, boot lid, and even the windows; all are so heavy that they come with hydraulics to function.

Speaking about the S600 Guard, it comes with the VR9 level (VR10 being the highest) or protection, for both transparent and non-transparent body parts. This means, that the Mercedes S600 Guard can not only withstand rifle fire from military weapons (which have twice as much speed as that of handgun bullets) but also hand grenades and other explosives which are used in terrorist attacks.

Use of special steel has made the S600 Guard much more heavier than the standard S Class, which weighs about 2,200 kgs. Though Mercedes Benz has not revealed the weight of the S600 Guard, it won’t come as a surprise if S600 Guard weighs twice as much as the regular S Class.

Visually, the S600 Guard is similar to the S Class, from inside and outside. It gets the Chauffeur package, executive seats in the rear with massage function, business console for rear seat passengers, warmth comforth package, business telephone, air filtering and air balance system. Just like the regular S Class, this one too features only LEDs as light source, be in the ambient lighting on the inside, or the headlights or the tail-lights.

Tyres are from Michelin. These are special made to order run flats, which can drive for up to 28 kms, even without any pressure.

Power to the S600 Guard comes from a petrol V12 engine which delivers 530 hp and 830 Nm torque. Mercedes did not reveal 0-100 figures, but claim it is fast enough when the need arises. Due to heavy weight of the car, top speed is limited to 210 kmph.


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