Mercedes driver arrested for blocking Ambulance on emergency duty

The driver of a Mercedes Benz SLK has been arrested, his car impounded and driving license suspended for failing to move his car out of the path of an ambulance during an emergency.

Boris Zahumensky from Slovakia continued to drive ahead of an ambulance as it carried an 84 year old lady who had suffered a fall. In spite of blaring sirens and all other cars in the vicinity moving away, the Mercedes SLK driver continued to drive ahead of the ambulance refusing to give it right of way.

Mercedes driver arrested for blocking Ambulance (2)

Zahumensky kept ahead of the ambulance for a valuable 3 minutes before stopping at a red light. When confronted, the driver told local media that he was just assisting the ambulance. He said he was escorting them through the traffic and wanted to show them the way.

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He said that he was doing the ambulance driver a favor by clearing the path ahead and would not have otherwise put his own life and a brand new car bought just 2 days earlier at such a risk. Zahumensky is a local entrepreneur and has stood for local council elections for Christian Democratic Movement party (KDH).

Despite these explanations, Zahumensky will have to face the music for his irresponsible actions as he should have known better than to drive in the path of a speeding ambulance on emergency. His membership in the Christian Democratic Movement party has also been suspended.

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