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27 yr old crashes Mercedes G 63 AMG into Maruti Omni filled with 7 people

27 year Vishnu was driving his Mercedes G 63 AMG rashly late at night, police have reported. Driving at high speed, he lost control of the vehicle and banged it into a Maruti Omni which was coming from the opposite side. There were 7 people inside the Maruti Omni.

Vishnu is the grandson of Mr DK Audikeshavulu Naidu, who was an industrialist as well as a Member of Parliament who represented Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. Vishnu was reportedly high on drugs at the time of accident. Police have found 110 grams of Ganja (Marijuana) in his possession.

The accident took place at around 12-15 AM at the South End Circle in Jayanagar, Bangalore. Vishnu’s Mercedes G 63 AMG costs INR 2.8 crore. Considered as one of the safest cars in the world, he sustained no injuries. But he was beaten by the people on the road before being handed to the police. Luckily, no one died in the incident. All 7 in the Maruti Omni survived with minor injuries.

35 year old Kaisar Khan was driving the Maruti Omni. He said that he was driving in his own lane when out of blue this car came in his lane and crashed into him. The car was at such a speed that it did not stop after hitting the Omni, and went on to the footpath, which is when it came to a halt. The Omni had turned upside down. All passengers (including three children) were helped out of the car by locals.

There three more people in the car with Vishnu. People at the scene tried to catch them, but they manage to flee. Vishnu too had tried fleeing the spot, but did not manage to flee. The gathered crowd took matter in their own hands and started assaulting Vishnu. By the time cops arrived, Vishnu was beaten badly. He has now been shifted to a Mallya Hospital, where he is being treated.

The cops have registered two cases against Vishnu as of now – Driving rashly and being in possession of banned drugs. Police are also on the look-out for the three co-passengers of Vishnu who were travelling with him at the time of the accident. Fleeing from the accident spot is crime. Police are awaiting blood sample report of Visnu to ascertain whether he was drunk and / or high on drugs at the time of accident.

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