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Meru Eve cabs with women drivers for road safety

Meru Eve cabs announced by Chief Executive Siddhartha Pahwa, are hatchbacks painted pink and white and are exclusively for women commuters and driven by women drivers. Meru Eve cabs are equipped with pepper spray and panic buttons that will notify the company in the event of woman commuters sensing any trouble. To ensure added safety to women wary of commuting on their own, each of the pink vested women drivers have been put through special self defence training by Delhi Police to not only protect themselves but also to offer assistance in case their passengers are attacked.

Meru Eve cabs

As on date, there are 20 such female friendly pink Meru Eve cabs in service, which are launched with the support of Delhi Police. Though ForShe Taxis and Sakha Consulting Wings also offer female chauffeurs, Meru Eve cabs will take their commitment to safety of their women commuters to a next level with each of the cars equipped with 3G enabled mobile phones with video recording facilities, a panic buzzer and pepper sprays along with a speed dial for local distress call numbers.

The company has announced that they will be adding more such Meru Eve cabs in due course and extending their services to other cities in the country. It will be offered to commuters at standard radio taxis fares of Rs 23 per km and the service can be availed through a call centre, company’s mobile app and through curbside pickup. In improving public transport, this week, Guragon police reintroduced Pink autos, and hopes to increase the number of such vehicles plying.

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