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Royal Enfield Meteor vs Classic 350 Vibration Test – New vs Old Engine

Royal Enfield Vibration Test
Credit – Nitin Autoroids

Classic 350 is the most preferred cruiser motorcycle in the country and the primary volumes and revenue generator for Royal Enfield

However, just like everything else, it is not completely perfect. One issue that has often been pointed out is the significant vibration that the motorcycle generates. This issue has acquired even more prominence in recent times, as rivals like Jawa and recently launched Honda CB350 seem to be doing relatively better in terms of vibration.

Is Meteor 350 vibration free?

To take on rivals and meet evolving customer expectations, Royal Enfield recently launched its Meteor 350 motorcycle. This is the first of the several next-gen products that the company will introduce in the coming years.

While Meteor 350 comes with a long list of features, the basic thing that many people want to know is whether the vibration issue has been fixed. The answer to that is quite clear in this video shared by Nitin Autoroids.

While a vibration meter would have provided scientifically verifiable evidence, this test utilizes a more basic tool – a glass of water. However, this test methodology seems quite effective in comparing vibrations coming from two motorcycles. A plastic glass has been used in this test, which is more sensitive to vibrations as compared to other materials such as metal or glass.

When kept on Meteor 350 rear seat (with the engine on), the glass of water creates just a few ripples on the surface. There is no movement of the glass or water drops bouncing off the surface. When the engine is revved up, the vibrations seem to be even lower. The test is then carried out on the front seat with similar results.

Things change dramatically on Classic 350, as the glass of water kept on the rear seat starts to move as soon as the engine is started. When revved up, the glass takes just a few seconds to move and fall from the motorcycle. This clearly shows that Meteor 350 has significantly less vibration, as compared to Classic 350.

Reasons for low vibrations on Meteor 350

There are several factors that have helped reduce vibrations on Meteor 350. The motorcycle utilizes an entirely new J series platform and completely new engine with SOHC setup that generates smooth tractable power. The engine is also equipped with a counter balancer that minimizes vibrations.

Another factor is the enhanced chassis setup, which is stiffer, more durable and stronger. High specification suspension and improved seat cushioning could also contribute to low vibration on Meteor 350.

With close to zero vibrations, Meteor 350 will be a lot more enjoyable on long journeys. Royal Enfield will also update its other products including Classic and Bullet with the new engine and chassis. Features like integrated Bluetooth powered navigation system are also expected to be offered as standard with several next-gen Royal Enfield motorcycles.

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