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MG Hector digital showroom launched in Bangalore – Video

MG Hector digital showroom

There’s now a digital MG Hector digital showroom. And no it’s not a digital experience in parts but in every aspect. There’s no cars on display. The MG Hector digital studio is an embodiment of visual immersive technology. All who step in will experience 360-degree tour of MG Hector and other MG cars.

The digital studio is but obviously smaller than a regular size showroom since there are no cars to be showcased. This one spans 600 sq ft, way smaller than a regular automobile showroom. And welcomes customers in a way that’s without pressure.

For one, there are no sales personnel tailing you at all times trying to sell you a product. And, the idea is to gather information while at the same time be immersed in an experience facilitated by an artificial intelligence (AI)-based human recognition screen. Below is the official video by MG, explaining their new digital showroom.

Its car-less showroom concept is planned for other locations too. Given the current economic slowdown, and the fact that even the tiniest of commercial spaces can cost a fortune in big cities, a carless showroom helps take the brand closer to people. Most economic is the fact that this big idea doesn’t cost big.

From a marketing and direct advertisement viewpoint, it would cost a fourth of what a traditional showroom would. And for the brand it would mean more touch-points to reach out to new audiences, helping make a connect and introduce the new-ish brand in India.

MG Digital Studio is designed to be impactful and interactive in its product demonstration, namely Hector. It employs ‘Immersive Voice’ and AI-based Human Recognition, and Interactive Visualiser, alongside Augmented Reality and other digital engagement tools.

Rajeev Chaba, President & Managing Director, MG Motor India, said, “The first Digital Studio is a pilot project and showcases our vision towards the future of automotive retail without a car on display. With the growing importance of omni-channel brand presence, we believe that such showrooms represent the next-generation network footprint in the automotive business.”

“We are thrilled that MG Motor is leveraging our One 3-D Platform for their first Digital Studio in Bengaluru. We believe that the future of automotive sales is ‘Omni-Channel’. We look forward to partnering with MG Motor to visualise their products through more futuristic touchpoints,” said Varun Shah, Co-Founder, Eccentric Engine.

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