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MG Hector, ZS EV will be Sanitized and Home Delivered to Customers – Video

MG India has announced plans to make special car deliveries in these times of corona virus

With the contagion spreading from reel to the real word and into people’s lives, the truth about human frailty is being unravelled. Corona virus has also presented our indomitable side, where we all are doing our best to contain the virus and restore normalcy. Leading carmaker MG (Morris Garages) appears to be working on the same lines, as it has come up with an innovative idea to safeguard its customers from coronavirus.

As visiting dealerships has become a risky proposition, MG has launched a special program wherein sanitized cars will be home delivered to customers. This adequately meets the requirements of social distancing, which has emerged as one of the most effective ways to halt the spread of coronavirus. Although details have not been revealed, we expect that MG will be following processes that have minimal human involvement when transporting its cars from the plant to showrooms and eventually to customers’ homes.

MG Hector and ZS Electric delivered to customers will have their seats and steering fully covered to minimize the risk of contamination. This seems to be the right thing to do, as it has been proven in laboratory study that coronavirus can remain airborne for up to three hours in a closed environment and even longer on surfaces. Moreover, MG has stated that its delivery executives will be following all recommended hygiene guidelines when delivering the cars to customers.

As customer footfall at dealerships has been dwindling due to coronavirus, MG’s home delivery plan can work to its advantage. MG has been facing disruptions in its supply chain due to coronavirus, which has slowed down deliveries. With around 30k customers waiting for their Hector and around 3k for MG ZS EV, home delivery option can provide the required peace of mind to customers.

In recent times, a perception was building that taking deliveries would become tougher with a potential lockdown situation. However, those worries have been taken care of with the launch of home delivery option. It is expected to minimize the chances of booking cancelations that may occur due to negative sentiments prevailing in the auto industry.

This is probably the first time that a carmaker is offering home delivery of sanitized cars to customers. As the idea seems effective in protecting customers from potential infection, it is possible that other carmakers may also launch similar schemes in the near future. Coronavirus cases are rising in India and stricter government action is expected in the coming days. Home delivery will ensure that customers can continue to enjoy their favourite car and avoid using public transport.

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