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MG Motor Sales Nov 2022 Grows YoY – Hector, Gloster, Astor, ZS EV

MG Motor India reports YoY sales growth for November 2022; MoM sales dip marginally

New MG Gloster
New MG Gloster

As 2022 draws to a close, auto manufacturers continue to dish out more. For MG Motor India that task is being intrusted on the much awaited launch of new Hector. With a launch impending, all eyes are now on a vehicle that has helped MG not only lay its foundation here but also strengthen it, month after month.

For November 2022, sales surpassed the 4k mark. When estimating MG’s sales story, most months the company has been able to cross the 4k units threshold. Sales growth for the month was reported at 64.41 percent. Volume gain stood at 1.6k units, up from 2.5k units. MoM sales fell 6.59 percent, down from 4,367 units. Volume decline stood at 288 units.

New 2023 MG Hector

Where product portfolio is concerned, MG is at prime spot. To begin with, the manufacturer has been diligent about product launches, choosing to cater to market needs. For those in the market for a mid-sized UV for daily driving, the new Hector is expected to replicate success just like it did the first time around. But obviously, the Hector Plus too will be rehauled. Whether both launches will be scheduled simultaneously or not is not known at present.

In that context there’s the MG ZS EV, the company’s lone electric car offering for now. While it has everything one needs from a daily drive car, it sits in a price bracket that isn’t accessible to all. And MG should soon be able to remedy that.

MG Car Sales Nov 2022
MG Car Sales Nov 2022

Small sized electric car market in India

How soon though depends largely on market maturity. And for this an idea once introduced most likely must be pickled well enough. While electric cars offer the prospect of economic spending over the duration of car ownership, they don’t translate to immediate savings despite available rebates. And hence the logical thing to do would be to introduce small sized electric cars.

While this would have seemed the most likely pattern of progression, the small sized electric car market in India isn’t quite the fertile playground for small EVs. Instead, enthusiasts have to contend with marveling at luxurious EVs that are far too steep for our pockets.

MG/Wuling Air EV

As we keep circling around the matter, it brings us back to the possibility of a new emergence. One that a few short years ago seemed evident when the Maruti Wagon EVs were spotted testing. However, it meant efforts would have been made to convert an existing ICE car to an EV.

The key here is to move away from this mindset and develop from the ground up small electric cars for the mass market. And MG is ready with help from Wuling Air EV.

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