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Fastest woman ever – Michele Mouton in Mumbai this Friday

Michele Mouton will deliver the keynote address at a Osianama Vintage and Classic Automobile Club seminar at Liberty Cinema. She will talk on the contribution of women in world motorsport. There’ll also be twelve classic racing cars on display alongwith the screening of ‘Senna’, a biopic on F1 champion, Aytron Senna. A panel discussion on The Art of Motorsport: India, Women, Patrimony and Classic Assets will sees Adil Darukhanawala, Nazir Hoosein, Iris Hummel, Ravi Kumar, Dr. Ravi Prakash, Bob Rupani, Nawaz Sandhu, Gautam Sen, Vikram Singh, Harit Trivedi and Neville Tuli as participants.

 Audi File photo: Michele Mouton

Michele Mouton, a renowned and successful female rally driver of all time is the first (and thus far only) woman to win a World Rally Championship round, the Rallye Sanremo in 1981. Michele Mouton was 14 years old when she learnt to drive. I always loved cars she says. it gave her independence, and freedom, which was very important to her.

 Audi File photo: Lady´s team – Fabrizia Pons (left) and Michele Mouton caused a stir in the WRC.

Michele never had any inclination to prove herself as a woman in a man’s world. She acknowledges the difference, and doesn’t want to be a man and neither wants them to be women. Having had no problems with that, she considers time as teh most important aspect of rallying. Young women in India can look forward to her keynote address on ‘The Historical Contribution of Women in Motorsport’. She retired from the sport to raise a family. Niranjan Desai says Osianama makes efforts to encourage society think beyond the ordinary.

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