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Creta, Seltos, Hector rule mid sized SUV segment – 80% market share in Q1 FY 2020

Q1 of FY 2021 has arguably been one of the worst quarters for the Indian automotive industry, thanks to the massive lockdowns which halted both production & sales of vehicles

In April’20, sales across all OEMs had stooped down to almost 0 units and since May’20 onwards, there has been a slow recovery in sales and production. None of the segments have been immune to the slowdown however the mid-sized SUV segment has seen some decent momentum thanks to some handful products. Here is an analysis of the overall sales and market share of the mid-sized SUVs for the period of Q1 FY 2021.

Creta, Seltos Have a Lion’s share

Unsurprisingly, the 2020 Hyundai Creta has come out as the best performing SUV in the category as it raked in sales of 10,419 units. Interestingly, it is the only SUV which has managed to record sales of over the 10K mark. What needs to be noted is in the Pre-Corona era, Creta has clocked sales of 10K+ units month-over-month. This clearly goes on to showcase how badly the auto industry has been affected due to the global pandemic. Talking about market share, the Creta could secure an enviable 38% share in its category.

Mid sized SUV sales Q1 FY 2020 vs FY 2019
Mid sized SUV sales Q1 FY 2020 vs FY 2019

The Seltos managed to closely tail the Creta with overall sales of 8,725 units in the first quarter of FY 21. It secured a commendable market share of 32% during the same period. It is to be noted that the Seltos and 2020 Creta both share the same platform, powertrain options and also the country of origin of their brands – South Korea.

The third SUV on the list happens to be the Mahindra Scorpio which could clock sales of 3,287 units in 3 months and managed to gain an overall market share of 12%. In the past, the Scorpio used to rake in sales of around 3-4K units month over month, regularly.

Hector – The new Entrant

The fourth SUV on the list is the MG Hector which clocked in sales of 2,539 units and secured a market share of over 9%. Hector has eaten into sales of Tata Harrier as well as Jeep Compass. Together, Creta, Seltos and Hector – the 3 new SUVs have managed to eat a share of over 80% in Q1 FY 2020.

The Tata Harrier came in at the 5th spot with overall sales of 814 units. Harrier’s market share stood at 3%, despite the launch of the 2020 model of the SUV. To further boost up sales, Tata plans to add in more variants to the Harrier and provide better value proposition to interested customers.

Jeep Compass, Renault Duster, Mahindra XUV500 and Nissan Kicks clocked sales in 3 digits and had a market share of 1% each. Another SUV which could secure 1% market share was the MG ZS EV. It is a welcome start to see an electric SUV clocking similar sales as some of its IC engine powered counterparts.

Note: All sales figures mentioned above are sales made by OEM to their dealer partners and not to end customers.

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