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Modded Maruti Baleno fraudulently sold as Mercedes A Class – Cops & RTO undo damage (Update)

A Maruti Baleno car was modified to look like a Mercedes A Class. This car was in the news for the fact that the owner had modified the car to make it look like a Mercedes A Class. As part of the modification, the owner had replaced the original bumpers and alloys.

The bumpers of the said Maruti Baleno had been taken apart and replaced with new one’s. The front bumper was fitted with a Mercedes Diamond grille to make it look like an A-Class which also sports air vents in the form of a figure ‘8’. It is this new bumper design that Mercedes is using on all their current generation models.

Modifications on the Maruti Suzuki Baleno also extend to company logo in front which is not altogether attractive while it being a lower end Baleno is also devoid of projector headlamps and LEDs. At the rear, the owner has put in a new sporty bumper with quad exhaust tips and rear diffuser offering a sportier appeal to the vehicle.

Wheels and tyres also get upgraded with 16”, five spoke alloy wheels with low profile tyres while cabin too has been modified to resemble a Mercedes A-Class though it does not really suit the car and it’s a far cry away from the real luxury Mercedes A-Class.

Yesterday, a report went viral stating that the RTO and Police had confiscated this car and dismantled it, because it was modified. But, that is not the true story. A new video sheds more light to what the matter is. Contrary to what was errounously reported earlier, the matter in fact is as follows. The now unmodded Maruti Suzuki Baleno was purchased on EMI by the 1st party (owner). It was then sold to his friend without changing the name in RC book. The undocumented second owner/friend then proceeded to change the appearance of the Maruti Suzuki Baleno to a Mercedes A Class, and proceeded to sell the car to a 3rd party.

Quite naturally, upon becoming aware of the situation, the original owner/first party went on to file a case with RTO. The police were in fact responding to the case filed and not targeting modded cars as was earlier reported.

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