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Most wanted car thief in India stole over 4,000 cars, finally caught by Police

Anil Chauhan who is the most wanted car thief in India, has been arrested from Azara, Guwahati on April 3. He and his accomplice Mamud Choudhry are currently in custody of Guwahati police. His arrest will end mystery of many cars which have disappeared.

Anil Chauhan, 44, who began as a humble auto rickshaw driver twenty years ago, is (we can say ‘was’ now) the most wanted car thief in India and probably the richest car thief as well. Besides vehicle thefts, Chauhan is also wanted in a host of cases that include murder, gun running and smuggling of animal parts. He was arrested along with his accomplice Mamud Choudhry, 30, by the Guwahati Police, while the duo has cases registered against them in many cities all across the country.

Chauhan, a school dropout, realized there was no quick money to be earned in driving around an auto rickshaw. He soon learnt the art of car door picking with a duplicate key after which parked cars across the country were at his disposal. Chauhan and his team picked up vehicles from parking lots in Delhi, Ghaziabad and Noida after which they used to dispatch these vehicles to North Eastern states, after changing external paint and number plates.

 Maruti 800 is the most stolen car in India

Today, Chauhan is a polished man with extensive wealth, several properties in his name and a well oiled network to help him dispose of his stolen cars. He and his gang have been reportedly stolen over 4,000 cars of which the iconic Maruti 800 has been his all time favourite during the 1980s.

On his arrest, the police have found a number of pistols, ammunition, 4 ATM cards and four mobile phones in his possession. Incidentally, Chauhan was in a stolen Hyundai Eon at the time of his arrest. Chauhan has been arrested on two occasions in the past but has managed to get out on bail on both occasions. Hopefully this time the cops will not let this much wanted criminal slip through their fingers.

via The Indian Express

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